We’ve all been there. You don’t feel well, and you think maybe you should see a doctor… but you don’t. Perhaps your local clinic is closed for the night, or you can’t get someone to drive you, or maybe you’re just in the American health care system. There are plenty… Continue Reading 6 Home Remedies Actually Supported by Science

Needle versus cannula. So, Bianca, if you could pick one. – For lips? – I’m more of a needle girl. I like precision – Absolutely, Greg? – Definitely needle for me. – Okay, and Kristie? – Yeah, needle for lips. It gives you more control. – I think I’m the… Continue Reading Needle vs cannula – which is best for lip dermal fillers?

COMM: Having snails creep all over your face may sound like your worst nightmare, but it’s the newest skin care craze to hit the UK. The Simply Divine salon in Corby, north Hamptonshire, is offering the unorthodox snail facial treatment for £50. The testament, which lasts 20 minutes, sees 3… Continue Reading New Snail Beauty Treatment: Snail Facial Latest Skin Care Craze In UK

On our Youtube channel, you’ll find a limited selection of pathology and patient videos. With Osmosis Prime, you’ll get access to over 700 videos including complete coverage of pathology and physiology and a growing collection of pharmacology and clinical reasoning topics. Try it free today. Varicella zoster virus is one… Continue Reading Varicella zoster virus – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology

– You don’t look happy. – We have to talk. Uh, o – It’s about your health. Oh no. Is it really necessary? – Just take a look at something. Really? What now? – It’s on the web. Its great. Twenty-eight doctors and healers all speaking about homeopathic remedies for… Continue Reading Homeopathic Remedies and Holistic Definitions of Alternative Medicine

Hyaluronic Acid is the beauty darling of the beauty industry, and it’s no wonder! It can hold up to a THOUSAND times its weight in water! So it is being added to everything from shampoos, body creams, and everything else in between. Hi, my name is Christy Greene and I… Continue Reading Hyaluronic Acid The Best Alternatives

If a body is found in a field, and the cops suspect foul play is involved, establishing the exact time of death is critical. Figuring out the deceased’s final moments can help investigators corroborate people’s stories to ultimately hone in on the killer. But how do you do that? There… Continue Reading The Flies on a Dead Body Can Help Solve a Murder

RACHAEL REYNOLDS: Neurofibromatosis makes me feel very insecure. Other than that I think it has made me a better person to understand other people’s difficulty. COMM: Busy mother of 4, Rachel Reynolds is getting her kids ready for school. But she has a condition that makes going outside every day… Continue Reading Neurofibromatosis Leaves Mum’s Body Covered In Lumps

I saw immediate results from Fraxel, I think it improved a lot. It make me look younger I think I’ve had the best results I’ve ever had with any product Its such an uplifting experience for me. This procedure has taken years off my appearance I’m amazed because its just… Continue Reading Fraxel Facial Laser Treatment – Dr Rita Rakus UK Clinic

“You look like a freak.” “What planet did you come from?” “You’re going to regret that.” “Who would find that attractive?” My husband. Oh right. “You look like a freak” Freak look good. I have it tattooed here. I love being a freak. And she was like, “Why do you… Continue Reading Things Not To Say To Someone With Body Modifications