Just the other day I had a uh emergency room physician that came to my office with these headaches that he’s had for years and were told that they were migraines. And I simply…took a look in his nose, I was able to show him at that time that the… Continue Reading Even Doctors Receive Migraine Cure ­- Houston Smith Center

So the procedures we do for this…is covered by insurance. Almost 90% of the insurance companies or most of the insurance companies cover the procedures that we do. It takes about an hour or so to perform the procedure. The recovery time is very short. And I think when you… Continue Reading Is the Migraine Treatment Covered by Insurance? – Houston Smith Center

My name is Bill Conklin. I’ve been having migraines that were basically induced by clenching and um… they weren’t painful but they were almost blinding, as if you go to the eye doctor and they dilate your eyes. You know they would last for an hour or so and they… Continue Reading Bill Conklin: Migraine Treatment Relief Charlotte NC

My name is Kelly L. Unlike, I think, other patients of the migraine program who have had headaches for a long period of time, my problem was more about TMJ and my jaw clicking and having those kinds of problems. I didn’t realize I was grinding my teeth until I… Continue Reading TMJ and Migraine Relief Charlotte NC: Kelly’s Story

I am Sara White. In December of 2004, at 43 – Reggie had just turned 43 years old Sleep Apnea was a cause of Reggie’s death. We know that sleep apnea is not in itself a deadly disease, but what it does do is exasperates other diseases, high blood pressure… Continue Reading Sara White on why it’s crucial that dentists raise awareness of alternatives to CPAP

My symptoms were, I’d wake up in the middle of the night with really intense headache pain. It was becoming very much a pattern. I was having probably three or four a month. At its peak it was probably a couple a week. A lot of it was occurring at… Continue Reading Migraine Treatment with Advanced Diagnostics – Richard’s Story

Typically the length of the procedure that uh I perform namely a Septoplasty, Balloon Sinuplasty… ranges anywhere between thirty minutes and an hour. Most people will do very well, it’s a day surgery procedure they go home that day uh they may have a day or two of recovery and… Continue Reading Migraine Treatment: Procedure and Recovery Timeline ­- Houston Smith Center

Over the years I’ve treated 1,200 or more of these chronic migraine sufferers and uh of those 88% have gotten relief. Specifically 40% are cured of their chronic migraine headaches and another 48% have fewer or less severe headaches. Contact the Smith Center today, to schedule your appointment.

When I first came, honestly I was, you know, kind of skeptical because I’d been so many other places trying to get help. But, really within probably about four weeks I started seeing a difference. And the more appointments I came to the better my symptoms improved. As I became… Continue Reading Migraine Treatment Charlotte – Julie’s Story

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