(Music) Hi, my name is Tracy, and my latest issues that Dr. Jaudy has dealt with… There’s been some significant changes. The first change is I am finally off of every medication, pain medication, anxiety medication, with no side effects, no issues, and I have been on the medication for,… Continue Reading Migraines, Breathing Problems, Liver Problems – Tracey M

(Music) Access Health correspondent Amber Milt brings us the latest in a treatment alternative for Obstructive Sleep Apnea and snoring. Take a look. According to the National Institutes of Health, an estimated 12 to 18 million adults in the u.s. suffer from sleep apnea and a whopping 37 million Americans… Continue Reading Beyond the Barriers: Obstructive Sleep Apnea Treatments

crowd welcome to another MedCram lecture in the next set of lectures we’re going to talk about insomnia what causes it what are the different diseases that can cause it and how to manage it and I would say that even though I am a sleep specialist some of the… Continue Reading Insomnia Explained Clearly – Causes, Pathophysiology & Treatment

(Music) Hi, my name is Tracey, and I originally came to see Dr. Jaudy a year and a half ago, and I’m back for my regular checkup, and I originally came to see him… I was in multiple organ failure, and I had just gotten out of the ICU. They… Continue Reading Migraines, Breathing Problems, Liver problems – Tracey M-Part 3

How long migraine treatment takes really is very variable depending upon the severity of the patient, what things they may or may not have tried. Sometimes after one visit, the recommendations that I make bring tremendous benefit to the patient. I will always have them follow up just so we… Continue Reading What is Migraine Treatment & Recovery Like? Deirdre Gateley, PA-C in Seattle

Hello, I’m Ilene Ruhoy. I am a board-certified neurologist and I am the founder of the Center for Healing Neurology. Neurologic symptoms can really impair quality of life and so, it’s always been my mission to help people feel good and healthy and happy for as long as they can.… Continue Reading Seattle Neurology & Integrative Medicine for Migraines, Nerves, Seizures, Vertigo – Dr. Ilene Ruhoy

The approach I take to management of migraines is a whole person approach, so we really believe here at the Center For Healing Neurology that food is medicine, so we start with the basics. We use natural approaches, supplements and herbs to help treat that and pharmacologic’s when necessary. The… Continue Reading How Food Can Trigger Migraines – Story of Seattle Patient’s Recovery. Center for Healing Neurology

Sleep is essential and unavoidable for a person’s health & well being Happiness, Unhappiness, strength, weakness, nourishment, emaciation, vitality, sterility, knowledge and ignorance all is based on ones sleep Impotency and decrease in sperm count also occurs due to improper sleep Sleeping time is at night. Day sleeping is not… Continue Reading Amazing Facts about Sleep in Ayurveda || Chat with Dr. P Sethumadhavan, PAHRC || Healthy Flavours

5. Difficulty Sleeping Between 9-10 p.m.You May Be Stressed. If you don’t feel relaxed and sleepy at this time, this could be due to stress. Try meditation before you go to bed. Emma Richards of Marie Claire also suggests Yoga Nidra, for sleep meditation, to really usher in the zzz’s.… Continue Reading If You Wake Up At The Same Time Of Night All The Time, It Could Reveal Something About Your Health

At the Center For Healing Neurology, we’ve had great success helping people with stabilizing their mood, with decreasing musculoskeletal pain and helping them with migraines and headaches. One patient, we’ve had that has come in with a spinal tumor in their cervical spine. They’ve had great success with acupuncture and… Continue Reading Seattle Acupuncture at The Center for Healing Neurology – Benefits to Mood, Migraines & More