“One size fits all” on different body types “One size fits all” stores are popping up everywhere We decided to try on a few of their items – I guess I know not a lot of things are gonna fit. Height 5’11, Size 14/16, Sheridan – I’m not really sure… Continue Reading “One Size Fits All” On Different Body Types

Hi, I’m Penn and this is my partner Teller. You may have heard vaccination causes autism in one out of a hundred and ten children. F*** that. Total bullsh*t it doesn’t. But let’s imagine it does We’ll compare two groups of children. Teller’s group gets no vaccinations; My group does.… Continue Reading Penn and Teller on Vaccinations

To needle Small Intestine 4 use a perpendicular insertion to a maximum depth of 1/2 cun

If a depress person shows another symptoms which is they hear things which do not exist, then we can use a point called Small Intestine 9 to treat this kind of hallucination. Small Intestine 9 on the small Intestine Channel and it’s located around, about 1 inch above this, the… Continue Reading Acupuncture for Depression : Acupuncture for Audio Hallucinations: Bladder 9