Thank you very much for watching the video today. Thank you for your comments in the last t-shirt video. As you pointed out in the comments, I would like to improve my talk skills. For today’s video, I would like to make a snap video of the two weeks from… Continue Reading 【2週間スナップ】AURALEE,NEEDLES,COMOLI春夏のコーデを一挙全部紹介します!合わせ方、サイジングなど☀️ 13 country subtitles available

– No! No! (Ned screams) (upbeat music) Worst video ever take one. There’s not gonna be a take two, because I am getting this over with as quickly as possible. Recently, The Try Guys did a video where we got our bones cracked. I was unavailable but also I did… Continue Reading Ned Reacts To The Try Guys Bone Cracking Video

(bones cracking) – [Dr. Trumpi] Hug yourself like you love yourself. – What are you gonna do to me? – Hey guys, welcome to my, bone cracking extravaganza. (intense instumental music) – And out. (loud exhaling) (loud cracking) – Oh wow, how about that? (funky intro music) – Bones, it’s… Continue Reading The Try Guys Get Their Bones Cracked