Bring me a needle. Still nothing? Could it be within the foundation? This foundation should be Yanzhi’s. Junko’s should still be with Yanzhi. Could something have happened? I’m saying… Yanzhi discovered this isn’t hers. Let’s clarify Yanzhi’s identity first. This won’t do. Keep her here first. Okay, I’ll go do… Continue Reading 【ENG SUB】美女得到战略性意义的情报,不料却把情报给了大汉奸!

What’s up guys? These are the most painful moments I captured on camera. Every video has a number in the lower left corner. Let me know which one you think was the most painful. Don’t check the right corner and get punished by getting shot on my funny bone. hit… Continue Reading AIRSOFT TOP most PAINFUL Accidents – NOVRITSCH

Looks good. Hey welcome back my friends We’re back in Austria to play with noritsch ,Sniper Buddy Fabi, Magnus, edge, and GSP crew from Germany But today we have a cool little toy to play with this is the M32 grenade launcher made by ICs It is a 40-millimeter grenade… Continue Reading Possibly the Most Painful Airsoft Gun in Existence (40mm Grenade Launcher)