Translator: Mohand Habchi Reviewer: Daniel Cosovanu Can anyone explain to me why we spend millions and millions of dollars on educating about drug prevention, don’t take drugs because they’re bad for you. And allowing parents to worry themselves sick about will my child get into drugs because they mix in… Continue Reading TEDxNewy 2011 – Liz Mullinar – Treating the core problem of childhood trauma.

Translator: Ivana Korom Reviewer: Krystian Aparta As fashion designers, our decisions have the power to change our culture. We choose who is cast in our runway shows and campaigns, and ultimately, who is celebrated and considered beautiful, and who is not. Having this platform is a responsibility. One that can… Continue Reading Fashion that celebrates all body types — boldly and unapologetically | Becca McCharen-Tran

Translator: Amira Moreno Reviewer: Diba Szamosi Life is about opportunities, creating them, and embracing them and for me that was the Olympic dream, that’s what defined me, that was my bliss. As a cross-country skier and a member of the Australian ski team headed toward the Winter Olympics, I was… Continue Reading You are not your body: Janine Shepherd at TEDxKC

Twenty-eight years ago, I was a broken man. And you probably wouldn’t be able to tell that if you met me. I had a good job at a well-respected academic institution. I dressed well, of course. But my insides were rotting away. You see, I grew up in a family… Continue Reading Addiction is a disease. We should treat it like one | Michael Botticelli

Translator: Rhonda Jacobs Reviewer: Ellen Maloney Do you remember where you were on June 12th, 2016? A few of you might, but I’m betting the vast majority probably don’t. On June 12th, 2016, a lone gunman walked into Pulse Nightclub, killing 46 people in the deadliest mass shooting by a… Continue Reading What the Columbine Shooting taught me about pain and addiction | Austin Eubanks | TEDxMileHigh

Translator: Arvind Patil Reviewer: Rhonda Jacobs Is modern medicine killing you? Or saving you? The very idea that we should have to ask that kind of question is so upsetting to me as a doctor. I was called to medicine the way many are called to the priesthood, as a… Continue Reading Is medicine killing you? Lissa Rankin, MD at TEDxFargo

A traumatic brain injury, or TBI, is a disruption in brain function caused by an external blow to the head. And when you hear that definition, you might think about sports and professional athletes, since it’s the kind of injury we’re used to seeing on the playing field. And this… Continue Reading The surprising connection between brain injuries and crime | Kim Gorgens

On a warm August morning in Harare, Farai, a 24-year-old mother of two, walks towards a park bench. She looks miserable and dejected. Now, on the park bench sits an 82-year-old woman, better known to the community as Grandmother Jack. Farai hands Grandmother Jack an envelope from the clinic nurse.… Continue Reading Why I train grandmothers to treat depression | Dixon Chibanda