[Intro Music] Pain & Sympathy [Choral music and sound of oxygen mask] [Choral Music] History of the Main Complaint [choral music] In the activity of making work there’s a sense that if you spend a day or two days drawing an object or an image there is a sympathy toward… Continue Reading William Kentridge: Pain & Sympathy | Art21 “Extended Play”

Essential oils, acupuncture, probiotics. More and more Americans are turning to alternative medicine. [Man] After three or 4,000 years, I’m sure the Chinese can’t be wrong. But is moving away from modern science really the way to go? To find out, I’m heading to a place that’s relied on traditional… Continue Reading Traditional Remedies vs. Modern Science – The Jim Jefferies Show

hey guys welcome to my channel thank you so much for coming by I really do appreciate it. Well, where do I start? Life happens right I finally managed to edit this video of some footage that I recorded when I was doing these plaits using some thread and a… Continue Reading Tutorial | Needle and yarn cornrows