We ’bout to cover his face and my body in questionable stuff. (hesitantly) Let’s do that? ♪ (theme music) ♪ Good Mythical Morning! We value your input. Your input puts into our brains and then outputs from our mouths in the form of advice when the input is a request… Continue Reading Full Body Duct Tape Mummy

good morning Jake paulers what is going on people, hope you are having a great day. the day for me was awesome had a lot of ups and downs which I’m going to talk about. make sure you guys stay tuned make sure you’re smiling make sure you’re dabbing on… Continue Reading IF YOU SPIN IT, YOU WAX IT (EXTREME PAIN GAME)

Hi, I’m Austin McBride with expert village. Today I’m showing you how to break dance. One of the first power moves I guess you can learn is a little trick called threading the needle. It’s common pop dancing or up rocking. It’s a trick that involves just standing on one… Continue Reading Break Dancing Moves : Threading the Needle Break Dancing Move