I wanted to spend some time today to give you a description of what a pinched nerve looks like. So that you can visualize it in your mind in case your doctor has done some tests and told you that you have a pinched nerve. This is a representation of… Continue Reading Holistic Back Pain Therapy : What Is a Pinched Nerve?

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Dr.Gabri: Come in! Peppe: Good morning! Dr.Gabri: Ahhhh!!!! Peppe! How are you? Peppe: Finally we meet! Dr.Gabri: Here you are The Great Peppe Gentile! Both: Is everything all right? Dr.Gabri: Come! Peppe: After two hours drive, this check up will be more relaxing! Dr.Gabri: So come from Naples!? Peppe: Yes!… Continue Reading PEPPE GENTILE gets EVERY PART of his BODY ADJUSTED with ASMR CRACKS

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My name is Connie Deline. I am a patient with a spinal CSF leak. I’m also a physician It’s difficult to describe how comforting it was to see a physician who’s an expert in treating the problem that I had. [Wouter I. Schievink, MD] My name is Wouter Schievink I’m… Continue Reading Cerebrospinal Fluid CSF Leaks Treatment | Cedars-Sinai

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>>Well, usually you can start off with contacting your family doctor’s office so they can start some first-line treatment for your low-back pain issues. These first-line treatment options typically include physical therapy or medications. If those treatments are not working out, then they can decide to do some imaging or… Continue Reading Penn State Neurosurgery – Robotic Spine Surgery Major Back Pain 1C