In Ayurveda they have classified people into 3 types, 3 types of constitutions of the body and mind. One is Pitta, where the fire element is more predominant, one is Vata where the space and air element is more predominant, and one is Kapha where the earth and water element… Continue Reading Ayurveda: Secret of the Subtle Elements (Tanmatras)

I am a businesswoman from the Channel Islands UK I have noticed after just a few days I felt like a child my body felt like it hadn’t felt since I was a child no aches and pains no discomforts in the joints just light it’s a it’s a very… Continue Reading Detox Feedback of Sri Sri Ayurveda Detox

I had a chronic knee ailment. My legs used to ache. I was bedridden and for 1.5 years, I was not even able to cook. My daughter used to cook. After coming here, I did an Advance Course on your birthday for seven days and availed treatment from Panchakarma (Sri… Continue Reading Healing Experience At Sri Sri Ayurveda Panchakarma | Art Of Living