People with disabilities can feel sexy in their bodies and we do. It’s just so important for people with disabilities to be represented in this movement. And I feel like they really aren’t. All right, can you help me, like, do my hair a little bit? Make it beautiful? Sure.… Continue Reading I Feel Sexy In My Disabled Body | Living Differently

Leprosy brings to mind images of biblical beggars, lonely leper colonies, and seems, for some, to have all but disappeared into the history books. But leprosy stills haunts many parts of the world and there’s an absurd amount that we don’t know about the disease. Leprosy has been around since… Continue Reading How Does Leprosy Damage the Human Body?

Hey, everyone! Today’s topic is another DSM diagnosis. And that is: Schizophrenia and Schizoaffective. What are the differences and what do we do if we have that diagnosis? So stay tuned! So, like I said, today’s topic is kind of going to be DSM-driven, but I’m also going to give–… Continue Reading SCHIZOPHRENIA & schizoaffective disorder – Mental Health therapist Kati Morton treatment & psychosis

(mild techno music) – Before this day ends, about 130 people will die from opioid overdoses in the United States. Tennessee is in the top 15 states for drug overdose deaths. I’m Latonya Turner, and for the next hour, we’re going to talk about opioids and drug addiction in our… Continue Reading Opioids | April 18, 2019 | Town Hall | NPT Reports

My name is CA. Kailash Mantry. I am a Life Coach or Mental Health Consultant. Since 25 years we are researching on more than 50 diseases in which we are successful in curing them without medicine. This all disease is known as mental illness and this is just about the… Continue Reading How to cure Bipolar disorder (in Hindi) by Kailash Mantry ( Life Coach)

Leprosy is one of those things from movies and stories, except when it’s not and you get it. Like if you lick and armadillo. Seriously. True story. Hey guys, Trace here for DNews. Most of us have heard of leprosy. You probably associate it with colonies of lepers with missing… Continue Reading What Happens When You Get Leprosy?