How to thread a needle: First cut a portion of thread take one end of the thread and stick it into the eye of the needle *TIP* You may want to lick the end of the thread then pull the thread through pull it only halfway through take the end… Continue Reading Threading a Needle and Five Basic Stitches

Hello everybody; once again, we are with you with Alize Puffy quality. From now on, when baby blanket is mentioned, Alize Puffy will be recalled. Alize has design this yarn for you. It’s light weight, soft, and easy to knit. Anyone, even those not knowing how to knit, will be… Continue Reading “Şiş Yok – Tığ Yok” Puset Battaniyesi – “No Needles – No Hooks” Making Stroller Blanket with

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Hello, and welcome to The Stitching Kitchn. Welcome back to The Stitching Kitchn. Today … I am going to show you how to use a needle threader. A lot of people like to take their needle, they like to stick the thread in their mouth, but we don’t want to… Continue Reading EP-0003 – How to use a Needle Threader – cross-stitch needlepoint x-stitch needle flosstube

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Every once in a while you’re going to run into some instructions or an instructor who will tell you to use a two needle start to peyote. It’s a fairly unusual way to start peyote because it is kind of awkward, you’re obviously using two hands and two needles, but… Continue Reading Stitches: Two-Needle Start for Peyote

Hi, I’m Vickie Pavone on behalf of Expert Village. In this series we’ll be talking about the basics of cross stitching. In this clip I’m going to demonstrate how to thread the cross stitch needle. There are two types. The blunt, with the larger eye and then there is also… Continue Reading How to Cross Stitch : How to Thread a Needle for Cross Stitching

Another critical component that you need when you’re doing bead weaving is obviously a needle to use with your thread and there’s actually a surprising number of options that you have for beading needles now I do suggest that you use an actual beading needle there are all sorts of… Continue Reading Tools & Materials Overview: Needles