Hi everyone! And Welcome or welcome back to our Channel! Hibiscus tea is well-known to you as a healthy tonic and especially as an ingredient in many natural drinks. This calyx or petals of this plant can be purchased all over the world in herbal stores. Rosella is the hibiscus… Continue Reading Natural drink kidney medicine

Good morning everyone, today i am going to talk about Kidney stones main symptoms of kidney stones are burning sensation in urination, pain in left or right side of stomach, the main tests to conform Kidney stone are urine test, it may show pus, or calcium oxalate crystals then you… Continue Reading Kidney Stone 100% Treatment Without Surgery by Homeopathy – Dr Ashwani Attri- Gurde ki pathri

The biggest kidney stone on record weighed more than a kilogram and was 17 centimeters in diameter. The patient didn’t actually swallow a stone the size of a coconut. Kidney stones form inside the body, but unfortunately, they’re extremely painful to get out. A kidney stone is a hard mass… Continue Reading What causes kidney stones? – Arash Shadman