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From spiders trying to live a peaceful life in someone’s ear to parasitic worms munching on your brain, here are 8 shocking creatures found living inside a human body! 8. Cockroach Do you know the reason behind your headaches? Is it stress? Did you skip a meal? Lack of sleep?… Continue Reading Creatures Found Living INSIDE A Human Body!

Last Saturday there were reports in the UK of strange banging noises coming from the night sky. Twitter users fanned the flames of conspiracy and they seemed to land on the idea that it was an Aurora project test flight. However a large firework display in South London seems to… Continue Reading Bigfoot, Homeopathy and Ghosts (Popular myths explained) – Truthloader

I decided to try Acupuncture and it is one of the alternative medicine branches and it belongs to the traditional Chinese medicine people usually go to alternative medicine when the modern medicine becomes helpless in curing I had a root filled tooth that caused chronic sinus infection and modern medicine… Continue Reading UniqueTV * Acupuncture – العلاج بالوخز – | Ep13

There’s also dead skin on your mustache area IM DROWNING IN MY OWN SKIN Here we go, coffee in hand 4am. Well, it’s not 4am but it feels like it. We can do this, Jos. WHERE ARE WE GOING? I mean.. That’s ALWAYS the question. Its true. Okay, so Erin… Continue Reading First Time at a KOREAN SPA! (Beauty Trippin)

– Today is a really big day. – What’s wrong with you guys? So dumb I hate this. What’s wrong with your face? – Eugene is going to sit in my lap. (laughter) (Try Guys Theme) – It’s a story of love and lap sitting. – I think we were… Continue Reading Eugene Gets Surprised With His Worst Nightmare