Welcome to the VitaLife Show I’m Dr. Janine Bowring a naturopathic doctor and today’s topic is all about stroke and how to treat stroke or prevent stroke and do it naturally I thank all of our Subscribers I love you guys thanks for leaving all your comments and your questions… Continue Reading Treatments for Stroke : How to Treat Stroke Naturally – VitaLife Show Episode 201

It happened at about two o’clock in the morning on Sept. 28 and I wasn’t sleeping very well so I got up in my chair to read. And my arm and I thought my arm was just asleep. And a after a while I thought – I don’t think your… Continue Reading Stroke recovery and treatment at St. Luke’s in Cedar Rapids

[MUSIC] I’ve performed over 1600 carotid and arteritic procedures at Johns Hopkins over the years, but without question the most rewarding and gratifying part of my practice in terms of carotid disease, is reassuring patients that they don’t need an operation and they’re not at high risk of stroke. Stroke,… Continue Reading Carotid Artery Disease and Stroke: Prevention and Treatment | Q&A

– When I die, this body is going straight to science. It’s not going in a casket. It’s not going to a crematorium. I’m going to donate it right to a medical school. Why? – My name is Peggy Reilly. I’m 65 years old. – This is my mother. And… Continue Reading Why I’m Donating My Body To Science

Hello everyone! And welcome to the webinar today on stroke prevention and acute stroke treatment. I’m Dr. Jeffrey Saver. I’m the Director of the Comprehensive Stroke and Vascular Neurology Program at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, and it’s my great pleasure to speak with you today about how to… Continue Reading Stroke Prevention and Acute Treatment – Jeffrey Saver, MD | UCLAMDChat

I’m Shelby Cullinan with today’s health news. Migraines are bad enough, but new research showed they may be more than just a pain in the head. A new analysis of data from the Nurses Health Study II found women who had migraines had a greater risk of heart disease than… Continue Reading Women, Migraines and Heart Disease

(Music) Hi, I’m Jan. And the reason that I started coming to see Dr. Jaudy is I’m suffering from migraine headaches for, gosh, over 40 years now, and in the last… since I hit menopause at fifty, I’ve had a migraine almost every day for eight and a half years.… Continue Reading Migraines – Jan A

If you’ve never had a migraine, you might think it’s just a really bad headache but if you’ve had ever had one, or you know someone who gets them, you know that they are much worse than that and much more complicated. A true migraine is a multi-symptom disorder of… Continue Reading Migraines: Not Just Another Headache

(adventurous music) – Hello and welcome to another edition of Feel This Pain. I’m Ken McKim and tonight we’re going to be talking a little bit about something known as hemiplegic migraine. So how does this differ from your garden variety migraine headache? Well it’s a fairly significant difference. Hemiplegic… Continue Reading Feel This Pain: S4E4 Hemiplegic Migraine