Frankly there was a measure of ridicule actually about the idea because it was just considered too grandiose. The scanner is now completed and we recently acquired the very first human images. It was an amazing moment. We can just see far more detail in these images than we’ve ever… Continue Reading Human Images From World’s 1st Total-Body PET Scanner Unveiled

My name’s Gareth Hetherington and for the last, over six years now I’ve been, a member of the Governing Body, here at SERC and for the last twelve months I have had the privilege of being, chair. I am also the Director of the Ulster University Economic Policy Centre. The… Continue Reading Become a SERC Governing Body Member

…arterial supply, but I hope it was clear, the difference between the superficial and deep system. Just moving back centrally to the heart, I’m now going to work my way downwards to look at the blood supply from the venous drainage from the lower limbs. So I’ve shown you the… Continue Reading Veins of the body – PART 2 – Anatomy Tutorial

(upbeat music) (country music) – So, when we was filming that tack ad, Plum done hit the ground, instead of the trampoline. Like a idiot, so now she gotta wear this cast around. – Doctor said I coulda died. – Nah, baby, I tried to kill you once, before you… Continue Reading A Full Body Cast

This is a tutorial on the arteries of the body. I’ll cover some of the important arteries that you need to know. Starting from the heart, I’ll start with this artery here, the pulmonary trunk, which comes from the right side of the heart and pumps deoxygenated blood to the… Continue Reading Arteries of the body – PART 1 – Anatomy Tutorial

Silicon Valley Career Technical Education center — a STEAM High School program — gives students hands-on work experience with real cars in the AUTO BODY REFINISHING program. Students use the same equipment as professional shops. They learn to prepare surfaces for refinishing, setting up and operating pressure spray equipment, and… Continue Reading Auto Body Refinishing at SVCTE

hi everybody Cristina here from The Tech Savvy Science Teacher and I’m going to bring you a quick walkthrough through Zygote Body. Zygote Body is a 3d Anatomy viewer where you get to view various components of the body. um to you know study it further. So let’s just jump… Continue Reading Zygote Body

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This is a tutorial on some of the important veins of the body. So I’m going to start at the heart and then work outwards and talk you through some of the important veins that you should know. This is the right atrium and this is the right ventricle of… Continue Reading Veins of the body – PART 1 – Anatomy Tutorial

In the name of Allah the most gracious and mercy full. Assalam_o_Alaikum I am DR DIYA and i WELCOME to all of you to “Homeopathic Galaxy” in this session “single symptom single remedy”. today’s symptoms is… “The baby sleeps on the day and wakes up the night.” mothers that finally… Continue Reading Jalapa Homeopathic medicine Sleep Disorder babies remedies