Hannah Newstead: My name is Hannah Newstead and I am currently studying Adult Nursing at London South Bank University. The teaching and facilities here are really high tech like the lecturers really know their stuff. It’s very exciting how they are still able to teach us but still practice themselves;… Continue Reading London South Bank University School of Health and Social Care

– We are here to acknowledge and indeed celebrate the achievements of those graduating here today in Naturopathic Nutrition, Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Natural Chef, and Vegan Natural Chef, and in recognition of such, award you all your diplomas, which you all so richly deserve. – The education and training, that… Continue Reading CNM Graduation 2019 Highlights

My name’s Sarah Major, I am the point location teacher at ICOM Acupunture College having graduated from I come in 1995 I return to teach in 2008 following doing my PG Cert for teaching the point location module gives students an instruction and a foundation in the location and the… Continue Reading ICOM Acupuncture College UK – Point Location Module

[Opening title and music]>>DR Zhen Zheng: Acupuncture involves stimulating body walls like skin and muscle to produce therapeutic effect. It can be used for a very wide range of conditions – acute pain, chronic pain, and respiratory conditions, skin problems, and gastric problems. So if you can imagine your body… Continue Reading How does acupuncture work? | RMIT University