– From the center of historic Exeter, New Hampshire, welcome to the GCN show. – Welcome to the GCN Show, brought to you by Wiggle. Coming up this week, why cyclists are the toughest athletes even though we might not appear to be and conversely, why Parrier Bay is not… Continue Reading Why Cyclists Have The Highest Pain Threshold | The GCN Show Ep. 320

Today I wanted to share with you the difference between pain and suffering. Those two words sound very similar and could mean the same thing for you. But I want to explain to you a very subtle difference in these two words. Pain is an actual physical response to a… Continue Reading The Difference Between Pain and Suffering

At the hospital, it was a day like any other day. We get in at 8:30 and we check out around 4:30. As I was checking out, ready to go home, I literally had the time card right above the time clock ready to push it in and that call… Continue Reading Carl – Pain turns to strength in the midst of tragedy.

Hi, Dr. McCarthy and I want to welcome you to Migraine Success Secret number 16 . Today we’re going to talk about avoiding the false beliefs. We have many patients who have been dealing with their health problems for a long, long time. Many patients, just like you, who’ve been… Continue Reading Migraine Success Secrets #16 “Avoid The False Beliefs”

Just sit this morning fresh the beginning mind No meditation No matra, No concentration not even try to be aware, Just sit with close with eyes Whatever can happen between you and me, let it happen. That you feel your presents and my presents intensely. That’s all Let there be… Continue Reading The Pain of Leaving the Body – A Firsthand Experience, Inner Awakening, 4 DEC 2008

If you could ask God any one question and you knew he would give you an answer right now what would you ask him? What would you ask? Well it may not be surprising but by far the number one questions that Americans ask is why does God allow pain… Continue Reading Why Does God Allow Pain & Suffering? Finding Hope When We’re Hurting

I’m Dave Johnson from the Employee Assistance Program, and I’m excited to be here with Jon Swanson, a chaplain here at Parkview Health, and Jon, I think about our careers and the work that we’ve done, and I know we’ve spent quite a bit of time in the presence of… Continue Reading A conversation on pain

♪ Intro Music ♪ Hello there … It takes about 3-secondsflat upon coming into this life to realize that pain is a part of life. And yet, no one wakes up in the morning and says: “You know what? Today my goal is to have a really painful day!” In… Continue Reading The Meaning of Pain – Teal Swan –

Why me? Every headache sufferer at some point asks this question. I’ve asked it, too — for myself and for the more than 10,000 patients I’ve cared for over the last 20 years. My name is Robert Cowan. I am a migraine sufferer. I am also a migraine researcher and… Continue Reading Migraine 101: A 3-Step Guide to Managing Headaches

Today I am talking about boundaries. Now many of you have reached out to me and said that you have struggled to put up healthy boundaries with people in your life. Now, why do we even need boundaries? Many of us have people in our lives who treat us poorly,… Continue Reading Personal Boundaries: 5 ways to teach people how to treat us properly! | Kati Morton