I don’t know… I don’t know which way I should…I didn’t roll it that great. [music] In the old ways, before the dark days, came to change our lives. Went in there, and it came out the back. I thought my nightmare was over You know what I mean but… Continue Reading Unprescribed | Official Trailer [HD] | Allegiance Films

hi for those who turned on subtitles, rly? this is a lyric video, dw the lyrics are part of the vid, just wanted to see who would notice this. If you did, comment “mashed potatoes”

Body image problems can feature in a range of mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety and social phobias. In the case of body dysmorphic disorder, people can have a very distorted perception of their body and their appearance. Mirrors and windows are my enemy on the days when I’m having… Continue Reading Can body image problems affect our mental health? | BBC Tomorrow’s World

At the hospital, it was a day like any other day. We get in at 8:30 and we check out around 4:30. As I was checking out, ready to go home, I literally had the time card right above the time clock ready to push it in and that call… Continue Reading Carl – Pain turns to strength in the midst of tragedy.

[ badly slurred] This is Tom and it’s the 20th of August around 10 after 12:00 AM And this is me reading this [badly slurred] Belonging [badly slurred] to the Y [badly slurred] Strengthens Communities and Two hours later, this is how I talk now Notice how my mouth seems… Continue Reading Medical Miracles with Ambien – Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia

Hey, everyone! This week’s topic has come to me through popular demand. It’s Bipolar Disorder. What is it and what do we do if we have it? So stay tuned! So like I said, this week’s topic is Bipolar Disorder. I’ve heard from many of you that you’ve either gotten… Continue Reading What is Bipolar Disorder? – Manic, psychosis, treatment and therapy psychology with Kati Morton

Hi, I’m Austin McBride with expert village. Today I’m showing you how to break dance. One of the first power moves I guess you can learn is a little trick called threading the needle. It’s common pop dancing or up rocking. It’s a trick that involves just standing on one… Continue Reading Break Dancing Moves : Threading the Needle Break Dancing Move

Hey, everyone! Today’s topic is another DSM diagnosis. And that is: Schizophrenia and Schizoaffective. What are the differences and what do we do if we have that diagnosis? So stay tuned! So, like I said, today’s topic is kind of going to be DSM-driven, but I’m also going to give–… Continue Reading SCHIZOPHRENIA & schizoaffective disorder – Mental Health therapist Kati Morton treatment & psychosis

[Music] What’s going on guys? Dr. Jubbal, medschoolinsiders.com. I’m currently out here in Saigon, that’s Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. And I’m having a blast! The trip so far has been quite epic. If you want to follow along, make sure you’re following me on Instagram @KevinJubbalMD. Now, it wasn’t… Continue Reading Behind the Facade | Instagram Star Talks Reality of Medical School