every day every size every style every girl introducing adore me a new brand of lingerie with hundreds of styles from petite to plus only 24 95 for your first set adore me dot com is the new way to shop online for bras and lingerie shipping and exchanges are… Continue Reading Adore Me: Lingerie for Every Body

Hi, Guys and Welcome to Studio Knit. Today, as part of my Summer Knit Series, we are going to save abandoned baby birds by knitting Bird Nests for Charity! Last week, an article on the cover of my local San Francisco newspaper caught my attention: Knitters Answer WildCare’s call for… Continue Reading How to Knit a Birds Nest for Rescued Wildlife Animals

hi today we’re going to talk about migraine and summer so migraineurs are very sensitive to weather changes and many of our patients report worsening migraines with change in weather a cold or heat so we know it’s expected to be lovely sunny weather this weekend and heat is a… Continue Reading Migraine and Summer

Well, this is where we rested our heads. We still don’t really know what this room is, but all I do know is It’s very spidery. Look at this place. We’re still very much in the grounds of the Chateau just a Stone’s throw from these buildings, but we really… Continue Reading How π˜•π˜–π˜› to travel Europe #2 – Scooters + Mountains = Pain

It may be hot in the summer where you live, but here’s a question: how hot is too hot? Like, at what temperature does your body ACTUALLY start to break down? That escalated quickly. Well, so have the world’s seasonal temperatures. In Death Valley, one of the hottest places on… Continue Reading How Much Heat Can Your Body Take Before Killing You?

– The beach is not a very safe space. Anyone can relate to feeling uncomfortable on the beach. Men, women, queer, otherwise. And it’s also a very gendered space, like the moment you put your toes in the sand you know it and you feel it and you know that… Continue Reading Whose Body Is a Beach Body Anyway? The Woman Redefining Swimwear

>Is it true that the headaches are more prevalent in the summer?.>They are.>Why?.>Well you know there’s um we have many causes of headaches, but the more common ones especially during the summer, are cluster headaches and even more common are the migraine headaches okay, so what happens with the headaches… Continue Reading Preventing summer Season Migraines