(Mount Paektu) (We can do it!) (The Mount Paektu crew is off.) We took a plane, spent nine hours in Beijing, then took another two-hour flight. We finally arrived after a 15-hour trip. (They arrived at Chungbaishan Airport after 15 hours.) (Amazing!) It’s a waterfall! (The beautiful scene of Biryong… Continue Reading Seoeon “Noo!! It’s a needle! No!!” [The Return of Superman/2018.11.18]

Ever wished you could have superpowers? if so, what would you choose? Humans are way more amazing than we can imagine What if we can do things considered impossible by science, math, and physics What if we’re in our very dawn of understanding the amazing limits of the human body.… Continue Reading [Top 7] People With Real Life SUPER POWERS Around the World 2018