[Rhonda]: It’s very interesting and it kind of brings me to just another quick question because you mentioned daikon and that’s something that I’ve seen in several studies where there seems to be some particularly stable form of myrosinase in daikon. Is that true? [Jed]: Yeah. [Rhonda]: You know where… Continue Reading Daikon and mustard seeds as useful supplements to activate sulforaphane | Jed Fahey

[Rhonda]: That’s cool. There’s definitely a common denominator with oxidative stress and inflammation in both autism and schizophrenia, but also in depression. And this is another brain dysfunction, I guess, if you want to call it that, but inflammation has been shown now to play, actually, a major causal role… Continue Reading Reduction of inflammation from sulforaphane supplementation as a treatment for depression

Dr. Axe: Hey, guys, Dr. Josh Axe here along with Dr. Michelle Levitt. Hey, Dr. Michelle, glad you’re here with us today. Dr. Levitt: Great to be here. Dr. Axe: Today, we’re going to be talking about “Ancient Medicine Today,” and really effective ways to lose fat for women quickly.… Continue Reading Doctor’s Guide to Effective Fat Loss for Women with Dr. Michelle Levitt

>>Dr. Amen: Hi. I’m Dr. Daniel Amen, founder of BrainMD. I’m here with my friend, Dr. Parris Kidd, who is the Chief Science Officer for BrainMD. We have formulated this very special line to optimize your brain and your body. Today, we’re going to talk about Brain & Body Power… Continue Reading Story Behind the Product | Brain & Body Power

[0:00:00] Nick: Dr. Nick Delgado here. I’m with Dr. Ben Johnson. Dr. Johnson is a specialist in anti-aging. He works a lot with people with hormonal imbalances. Also, he’s done a lot of work in concierge work with cancer patients as well in helping them to work through a very… Continue Reading Amazing ways to reverse Cancer, complementary Treatments, and Supplements Ben Johnson MD