[MUSIC] Cervical spinal stenosis is narrowing of the cervical spinal canal, and that causes compression either on the spinal cord, which would cause a disorder called myelopathy, or compression on the nerve roots. [MUSIC] Problems with radiculopathy or compression of the nerve root will cause symptoms such as pain that… Continue Reading Cervical Spinal Stenosis | Q&A with Dr. Brian J. Neuman

Everything Cynthia Fuller does is done stratigically like how she talks on the phone and even how she sits in front of the TV. That’s because a virus left her completely deaf in one ear and with permanent buzzing, a condition called tinnitus, in the other. It’s the constant arranging… Continue Reading New option for hearing loss

Can I get a hickey on my butt from this OMG Drew! I dont think your car has ever been in a beuty trip! It’s probably for a reason i mean maybe because there’s no air in here Y’all my air conditioning has been broken for so long and really… Continue Reading Getting the VACUUM Butt Lift?! (Beauty Trippin)

Hi there, my name’s Brian, and this video is about how I was able to get rid of my Dequervain’s tendonitis. I’m making this video because I had this tendonitis for like six months, and it’s really a pain, and I looked all over for something that would help and… Continue Reading DeQuervain’s Tendonitis – CURED.

though many reported feeling better on dr. kepner’s rice and fruit diet he refused to accept that as evidence of success he wanted objective measurements the most famous of which were so-called I grounds photographs taken with a special camera that allowed one to visualize the back of the eye… Continue Reading Can Diabetic Retinopathy Be Reversed?

So another issue associated with the imbalance of male hormones is Prostate Cancer. Prostate Cancer is related with genetic make up and the imbalance the hormones. So Acupuncture help to restore the balance between the estrogen and testosterone. But not hundred percent of patients can be prevented from Prostate Cancer.… Continue Reading Acupuncture Hormone Balance Tips : Acupuncture Prostate Tips

– Now the robot stuff begins. – [Doctor] We’ll be doing robotic hair restoration for the hairline. – Whoa! By far the boldest thing I’ve ever done with my hair. It’s crazy, it’s just one day for me to just get over this thing that has been silently eating away… Continue Reading I Got Surgery For My Balding