[Narrator:] A review of the landmarks on the skull and the more significant structures in the frontal lobe will give one a clearer impression of the nature of the operation. On the prepared skull, at a 0.13 centimeters behind the glabella, the coronal suture is outlined. Six centimeters above the… Continue Reading Prefrontal Lobotomy in the Treatment of Mental Disorders (GWU, 1942)

okay now we’re going to show you how to hold the needle and on how to hold the suture in your hand after you put the needles through and through the needle has only two places on the needle holder or the driver or between your fingers and I picked… Continue Reading How to hold a needle and suture AN-AAC2014

needle holders, you have questions: we have answers. I’m Margaux, I’m Paul We’re going to answer some of your commonly asked questions and needle holders okay so what can you tell me about the basics of needle holders needle holders are just as the name implies, an instrument used to… Continue Reading The Basics about Needle Holders by Delasco

Hi today, I’m going to be going over the difference between Palming a needle driver and holding a needle driver by putting our fingers through the holes in the instrument So just to clarify this is a needle driver It will look similar to another instrument that we use which… Continue Reading Suture – How to hold a needle driver for suturing.

Hello, I am Mike from Surgtech Academy and today I’m going to demonstrate a few skills I call second skills or accessory skills. The reason I call them second skills is because they only take a second to complete. Today I’m going to cover loading and unloading a scalpel blade,… Continue Reading Loading a scalpel, needle holder, and sponge stick