one of the things that we find EFT is often very helpful for is clearing physical pain now let me be clear I am NOT a doctor I’m not pretending to be a physician I am NOT suggesting that you just do tapping and you know don’t give any thought… Continue Reading Tapping through Pain – EFT with Brad Yates

– Just allow it to move, it’s just energy, remember? Top of the head. Intro Music – Emotional freedom techniques, EFT, this is what you specialize in. What is it? – It’s goes back actually to ancient times. Instead of acupuncture, you know, where you use the needles and that,… Continue Reading Life Of A Producer – Ep. 043 – Emotional Freedom Techniques

Now it’s time to demonstrate the basic recipe for you. Before we begin, I’m going to assume that you’ve already read the tapping tips, the tapping points and the 5 steps to the basic recipe that preceded this video. The first thing we’re going to do is identify our issue.… Continue Reading The EFT Basic Recipe by Founder Gary Craig

The first stroke is what I call the flowing stroke. And so for flowing, its long strokes using both hands; it could be hand over hand. And this helps to just start to move the limb, and to increase circulation in the surface of the skin, and, of course, begin… Continue Reading How to Do the Basic Strokes | Ayurvedic Massage

Bonjour, Alors, aujourd’hui on va tapoter pour avoir une bonne journée. Donc, vous allez prendre votre main dominante, que vous allez tapoter sur l’autre. Et nous allons tapoter pour avoir une bonne journée. Donc si jamais à certain moment, vous ne connaissez pas bien le tapotement, le tapping, vous pourriez… Continue Reading Démarrez une excellente journée ! EFT en français – #22

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(zipper) – Oh – Today, we’re trying ASMR. Make a soundscape. – It’s sound that makes you feel good. Everybody likes good feel good sound. (beads jingling softly) – Oh, yeah. – And we’re gonna do this entire video in ASMR. – We’re just gonna whisper all video. (guttural vocalizations)… Continue Reading The Try Guys Ruin ASMR ft. ASMR Darling

Hi. I’m Julie Schiffman. I’m an EFT practitioner at Dr. Mercola Center for for Natural Health. I’m going to show you a tool today that can help you in various aspects of your life. It’s called Emotional Freedom Techniques, also known as tapping. Tapping is a tool that can help… Continue Reading Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Demonstration

♫ You are ♫ So beautiful ♫ To me ♫ (applause) – Don’t you just love that song? – [Voiceover] Yeah. – You Are So Beautiful To Me. The song is designed for a romantic couple, You Are So Beautiful To Me, but I chose that song to start this… Continue Reading A New Psychology – Keynote Part 1 by EFT Tapping Founder Gary Craig

Hey! Welcome to Tingting’s pharmacy. How can I help you? Can I see your list? Let me check. You need, uh… Oh, I think that I have everything you need. Please wait a minute, let me prepare it for you. And a little bit of this… That’s enough. And, uh…… Continue Reading [ASMR] Chinese Herbal Shop Roleplay