Hey guys, Liam from Killer Ink here and today I’m going to be showing you these DarkLab Vertix Cartridges. Vertix cartridges are designed in the USA by DarkLab which also produces well-known brands like FK Irons and Spektra Rotary. So let’s take a look at what they offer… DarkLab’s Vertix… Continue Reading DarkLab Vertix Tattoo Cartridges (FK Irons) | Review, Setup & Unboxing

Needlejig has been producing high quality tattoo needles for close to 20 years. Dynasty are our latest membrane cartridges. Same great needles with the added benefit of protection against backflow.

we’re mole has a bunch of different styles and types of tattoo needles which are available it’s really important to talk a little bit about the usage of them well the meantime I’ll pull some of them out when we’re using a single needle is there a sharper so they… Continue Reading Do You Know The Secrets of Tattoo Needles? | Tattooists Tutorials | Wormhole Tattoo

good morning good afternoon good evening however you are whatever you are you’re watching this video I’m computing so for today’s video I’m going to show you how to install the needles to the coil two machines here today so we have everything that we need for today’s video so… Continue Reading How to Set Up Wormhole Tattoo Machine | Tattoo Needles and Tubes

Hey guys, my name is Marc Lescarbeau, I’m the owner and founder of Needlejig tattoo supply. We’re starting a new series of videos. We want to keep our customers more informed as to what we’re doing here at Needlejig and what’s going on in our industry in general. Please join… Continue Reading Needlejig Tattoo Supply – Creator Of The Original Round Magnum Tattoo Needles

– Yes, I have tattoos and yes I have a phobia of needles. Now before I get into my tattoos, what they are and why I got them, let’s talk about my phobia of needles and how that came about. For those of you who are new here, hi, welcome,… Continue Reading Why I Get Tattoos With A Fear Of NEEDLES 💉 | #SpinaBifida

Hey guys, Liam from Killer Ink here and today I’m going to be running through our own range of cartridges and needles. Killer Ink’s range of tattoo needles and cartridges are of the highest quality and great for tattooing a range of styles. So let’s take a closer look… With… Continue Reading Killer Ink Tattoo Cartridges & Needles | Review & Setup

if you’re a tattoo or piercing practitioner who wants to focus on creating awesome body art and to just stop worrying about compliance and regulations then this is exactly what you’re looking for we’re GRP at sharpsdisposal.com and if you want to just be done worrying about your sharps waste… Continue Reading Tattoo Needle Disposal by Mail – GRP

Tattooers, you have been asking for membrane cartridges now they are coming out. Marc you want to tell us about it? Yes the dynasty membrane cartridge took a little longer but we used that time to improve the design and overcome some issues that others were having rather than rush… Continue Reading Membrane Tattoo Needle Cartridges | Dynasty by Needlejig Tattoo Supply

Hey guys this is Erica over here at TATSoul And today I’m gonna be talking a little bit about our Envy Needle line For those of you that don’t know, for the past 12 years We’ve been focused on crafting top quality needles for tattooers around the world. All of… Continue Reading TATSoul Tools of the Trade: Envy Needles Overview