[Music] [Music] all right so I’m top 45 you’ve just been diagnosed with five rights for the first time they may hold just pain so it’s how this plays okay who’s working there it’s primarily on the website on the left side I talked about this we got a do… Continue Reading Uterine fibroids pain treated with one needle. The Academy of Acupuncture, The Balance Method.

So you have been diagnosed with diabetes. Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, depending, you can get a lot of help with things like acupressure. Hi my name is Mark Brinson, I’m a doctor of oriental medicine and an international speaker. When someone is diagnosed with diabetes you have to… Continue Reading Acupressure Therapy : Acupressure for Diabetes

hello everybody this is Adrian Melero once again from Miami Acupuncture Therapy and in today’s video we’re going go over a post-stroke protocol we’d like to thank our patient Edwin for volunteering in his case he had a stroke a year ago and he started acupuncture about two or three… Continue Reading Post Stroke Rehab with Acupuncture and Microcurrent

In this segment we are going to work on Jackie’s migraines using another Twe-Na technique called rolling. In this case it’s important to just use a relaxed posture to your hand, the fingers gently curled around and we are going to look for some of the larger areas of her… Continue Reading Acupuncture for Migraines : Acupuncture for Migraines: Tui Na Rolling Technique

The next point to help the asthma chest tightness is called CV15. It’s just below the xiphoid process. How do you locate the xiphoid process? It’s between the two rib cages, and there is the bone, the end of the sternum bone and from this end of the sternum bone… Continue Reading Acupuncture for Allergies & Asthma : Acupuncture for Asthma: Jiu Wei

Welcome today we are going to continue with our learning on integrative women’s health program specifically in TCM OBGYN relating to anatomy and physiology.  You see traditional Chinese medicine was built on the concept that activity  inside of our body really reflects outward so therefore everything that we learn clinical observations… Continue Reading Chinese Medicine OB GYN Fundamentals 1: Online CEU course

The second pattern of depression is called Phlegm and Spleen Qi Deficiency. So the patient not only has the phlegm symptoms, but also have the weak digestive symptoms. For instance, they will have lower appetite, they will have gas, they will pale face, may have anemia. Also, they very often… Continue Reading Acupuncture for Depression : Acupuncture for Phlegm & Spleen Deficiency: Spleen 9

[Music] [Music] to see the escape acupuncture okay let’s come over here you need to either standing right in front of him or right behind him so you will not miss the midline that is very important you can do this way but you always miss the dose okay that’s… Continue Reading Scalp Acupuncture for Cervical pain – The Academy of Acupuncture-Balance Method

Now I’m going to show you a couple very effective points to instantly relieve the asthma because we already have many sad stories when the asthma attacks suddenly comes to those kids playing on the playground and the asthma cannot be relieved within a couple of minutes and that creates… Continue Reading Acupuncture for Allergies & Asthma : Acupuncture for Asthma: Panting Point

For treating eczema with the redness, itchy sensation. Another important point is called large intestine 11. It’s located at the, around the elbow. And if you locate this cubital crease. And that’s point large intestine 11. Located at end of this crease. And there is a depression here, so you… Continue Reading Acupuncture for Allergies & Asthma : Acupuncture for Eczema: Intestine 11