Translator: Paulina Segovia Reviewer: Denise RQ Søren Kierkegaard once said: “Life can only be understood backwards but must be lived forwards.” With these words in mind, I want to tell you my story, and the pain, shame, anger, and fear that I had to walk through in order to move… Continue Reading Finding freedom in facing pain: Amy Dalton at TEDxLaJolla

Translator: Helena Bowen Reviewer: Denise RQ As a doctor, I’ve come to accept that some pain in life is unavoidable. I got used to this idea in medical school because sometimes I had to cause pain. But making something painful that doesn’t have to be is just wrong, so as… Continue Reading Pain, empathy and public health: Amy Baxter at TEDxPeachtree

Translator: Joseph Geni Reviewer: Morton Bast Life is about opportunities — creating them and embracing them. And for me, that was the Olympic dream. That’s what defined me. That was my bliss. As a cross-country skier and member of the Australian ski team headed towards the Winter Olympics, I was… Continue Reading Janine Shepherd: A broken body isn’t a broken person

Translator: Yuko Niizeki Reviewer: Denise RQ (Sound of airplane) Do you feel it? Anything on your body? Sensations on your body? How about if we combine image and sound together? (Sound of nails scratching) Most people react just like you did. So quite a number of researches were made on… Continue Reading Vipassana Meditation and Body Sensation: Eilona Ariel at TEDxJaffa 2013

Translator: Bob Prottas Reviewer: Ariana Bleau Lugo Good morning. Before we kick off let’s get a bit of light in the room. So I can see the faces of the dummi — the participants that we get later and see where you are. That’s a bit better. Good. Everybody hold… Continue Reading Body language, the power is in the palm of your hands | Allan Pease | TEDxMacquarieUniversity

Translator: Arvind Patil Reviewer: Rhonda Jacobs Is modern medicine killing you? Or saving you? The very idea that we should have to ask that kind of question is so upsetting to me as a doctor. I was called to medicine the way many are called to the priesthood, as a… Continue Reading Is medicine killing you? Lissa Rankin, MD at TEDxFargo

Translator: Mary Kay Reviewer: Denise RQ We, in modern society, have really forgotten how to use our bodies. And we suffer a lot of aches, and pains, and dysfunction because of that. But the good news is that we can heal most of the neck pain, and the plantar fasciitis,… Continue Reading Find your primal posture and sit without back pain: Esther Gokhale at TEDxStanford

It’s a pleasure to be here in Edinburgh, Scotland, the birthplace of the needle and syringe. Less than a mile from here in this direction, in 1853 a Scotsman filed his very first patent on the needle and syringe. His name was Alexander Wood, and it was at the Royal… Continue Reading Mark Kendall: Demo: A needle-free vaccine patch that’s safer and way cheaper

We have a global health challenge in our hands today, and that is that the way we currently discover and develop new drugs is too costly, takes far too long, and it fails more often than it succeeds. It really just isn’t working, and that means that patients that badly… Continue Reading Geraldine Hamilton: Body parts on a chip

Translator: Victor Carras Reviewer: Maria K. Okay. Well, I have 10 minutes (Laughter) to inspire you to move in the direction of well-being, perfect health, discover your true self, resurrect your soul, influence the markers of ageing at a cellular level – the level of cell biology – and actually… Continue Reading Reinventing the body | Deepak Chopra | TEDxTimesSquare