It’s a pleasure to be here in Edinburgh, Scotland, the birthplace of the needle and syringe. Less than a mile from here in this direction, in 1853 a Scotsman filed his very first patent on the needle and syringe. His name was Alexander Wood, and it was at the Royal… Continue Reading Mark Kendall: Demo: A needle-free vaccine patch that’s safer and way cheaper

We have a global health challenge in our hands today, and that is that the way we currently discover and develop new drugs is too costly, takes far too long, and it fails more often than it succeeds. It really just isn’t working, and that means that patients that badly… Continue Reading Geraldine Hamilton: Body parts on a chip

Translator: Victor Carras Reviewer: Maria K. Okay. Well, I have 10 minutes (Laughter) to inspire you to move in the direction of well-being, perfect health, discover your true self, resurrect your soul, influence the markers of ageing at a cellular level – the level of cell biology – and actually… Continue Reading Reinventing the body | Deepak Chopra | TEDxTimesSquare

Translator: Dinah Challen Reviewer: Peter van de Ven … just as everyone goes, ‘Great, quick nap.’ Don’t have a nap! Raise your hand – just squeeze your left ear as hard as you can. Raise your hand if it hurt. Fantastic. Thanks for having me. (Laughter) No, no – it’s… Continue Reading TEDxAdelaide – Lorimer Moseley – Why Things Hurt

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Translator: Rhonda Jacobs Reviewer: Peter van de Ven I’m here to speak about the elephant in the room. I know, but it’s there for all of us, in one form or another. It’s this dissatisfaction and unhappiness with what we have in our lives. Maybe if you’re here or watching… Continue Reading How mindfulness meditation redefines pain, happiness & satisfaction | Dr. Kasim Al-Mashat | TEDxSFU

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accuracy so many fine folk so here’s somebody smiling faces idea i have a very good to your background attitude and approach to the real world because are contour i’ve heard that term over magician because of wireimage action that would mean that i use spells and incantations and wierd… Continue Reading James Randi on Homeopathy, Quackery and Fraud

I know what you’re thinking: “Why does that guy get to sit down?” That’s because this is radio. (Music) I tell radio stories about design, and I report on all kinds of stories: buildings and toothbrushes, mascots and wayfinding and fonts. My mission is to get people to engage with… Continue Reading Why city flags may be the worst-designed thing you’ve never noticed | Roman Mars