Humans know the surprising prick of a needle, the searing pain of a stubbed toe, and the throbbing of a toothache. We can identify many types of pain and have multiple ways of treating it. But what about other species? How do the animals all around us experience pain? It’s… Continue Reading How do animals experience pain? – Robyn J. Crook

Translator: Mary Kay Reviewer: Denise RQ We, in modern society, have really forgotten how to use our bodies. And we suffer a lot of aches, and pains, and dysfunction because of that. But the good news is that we can heal most of the neck pain, and the plantar fasciitis,… Continue Reading Find your primal posture and sit without back pain: Esther Gokhale at TEDxStanford

It’s a pleasure to be here in Edinburgh, Scotland, the birthplace of the needle and syringe. Less than a mile from here in this direction, in 1853 a Scotsman filed his very first patent on the needle and syringe. His name was Alexander Wood, and it was at the Royal… Continue Reading Mark Kendall: Demo: A needle-free vaccine patch that’s safer and way cheaper

We have a global health challenge in our hands today, and that is that the way we currently discover and develop new drugs is too costly, takes far too long, and it fails more often than it succeeds. It really just isn’t working, and that means that patients that badly… Continue Reading Geraldine Hamilton: Body parts on a chip

Translator: Jessica Ruby Reviewer: Caroline Cristal Let’s say that it would take you ten minutes to solve this puzzle. How long would it take if you received constant electric shocks to your hands? Longer, right? Because the pain would distract you from the task. Well, maybe not; it depends on… Continue Reading How does your brain respond to pain? – Karen D. Davis

Cigarettes aren’t good for us. That’s hardly news–we’ve known about the dangers of smoking for decades. But how exactly do cigarettes harm us? Let’s look at what happens as their ingredients make their way through our bodies, and how we benefit physically when we finally give up smoking. With each… Continue Reading How do cigarettes affect the body? – Krishna Sudhir

Translator: tom carter Reviewer: Bedirhan Cinar The universe contains about 100 billion galaxies. Each of those galaxies contains about 100 billion stars. Many of those stars have planets orbiting them. So how do we look for life in all that immensity? It’s like searching for a needle in trillions of… Continue Reading A needle in countless haystacks: Finding habitable worlds – Ariel Anbar

A pungent blend of onions, cheese, and cat urine with hints of… is that…wet goat? Most of us don’t need more than one whiff to identify that generally unpleasant, characteristic smell we call body odor. But it’s a surprisingly complex phenomenon influenced by our genetic makeup, age, diet, and hygiene.… Continue Reading What causes body odor? – Mel Rosenberg

I’m going to discuss with you three of my inventions that can have an effect on 10 to a 100 million people, which we will hope to see happen. We discussed, in the prior film, some of the old things that we did, like stents and insulin pumps for the… Continue Reading Robert Fischell: TED Prize wish: Finding new cures for migraine, depression, malpractice

In 1995, the British Medical Journal published an astonishing report about a 29-year-old builder. He accidentally jumped onto a 15-centimeter nail, which pierced straight through his steel-toed boot. He was in such agonizing pain that even the smallest movement was unbearable. But when the doctors took off his boot, they… Continue Reading The mysterious science of pain – Joshua W. Pate