Chemo or chemotherapy is a name we give to drugs that we use to treat cancer. Well, actually what they do is they treat rapidly dividing cells. Now, as you know cancer is rapidly dividing cells that have forgotten how to stop growing, or they’ve got the accelerator pushed down… Continue Reading Cancer treatment: all about chemotherapy

– Doctors couldn’t explain what was going on with 16-year-old Haley’s symptoms. They even suggested the shooting ache in her rib, that was a teenager’s cry for attention. But the cause of her pain was far from imaginary. It was 100% real. – I started swim lessons when I was… Continue Reading Teenagers Mysterious Pain Finally Diagnosed as Slipping Rib Syndrome

Bone marrow or stem cell treatments are a special form of chemotherapy in a way. What happens is we give a very strong chemotherapy, sometimes with radiotherapy as well, and the aim is to mop up any bits of cancer cells that might be around or to get rid completely… Continue Reading Cancer treatment: all about stem cell treatments