Hey, guys. Dr. Josh Axe here. Welcome to Ancient Medicine Today. I’m here live, so excited to be here with you. So today’s episode, I’m going to be covering six natural remedies to help you heal TMJ. And TMJ is a condition to where your jawbone starts to shift off… Continue Reading Top 6 Natural Remedies for TMJ

Welcome to the Stanford Health Library. Thank you for coming here tonight. My name is Michele Jehenson and I work at the orofacial pain clinic at the Stanford Pain Center in Redwood City. So today’s topic is TMJ disorders. TMD, I’m going to speak about the nature of the disorder.… Continue Reading Diagnosis and Treatment of TMJ Disorders

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Hi everybody it’s Doctor Blake, from Doctors Adolph and Kalkstein chiropractic, super psyched that we’re up to 10k, we’re probably on our way up to 11k by the time this video is being filmed, and our goal is a hundred thousand subscribers. I want that silver play button to hang… Continue Reading TMJ Active Release and Adjustment for Jaw Pain

Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo. I got an email from Barry and he was having some TMJ pain. TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint which is your jaw joint right there. And I’m gonna show you today just some simple stretches and strengthening exercises to get that TMJ feeling better. So… Continue Reading TMJ Exercises & Stretches to Relieve Jaw Pain – Ask Doctor Jo

– How do you know if that pain you’re having is coming from your ear or your TMJ? Well in this video, I’m gonna discuss the potential causes of that pain and what you can do about it. Coming up. Hi guys, Cliff Olsen. Doctor of audiology and founder of… Continue Reading What is Causing Your TMJ Ear Pain? – Diagnose and Treat – Ear Problems

Bob and Brad the two most famous physical therapist on the Internet hi I’m Bob Shrum physical therapist and Brad honey physical therapist together we have the most famous physical therapist on the internet I think you’re Mike’s working Bob enthusiasm come on dad okay today we’re going to go… Continue Reading Absolute Best TMJ Treatment You Can Do Yourself for Quick Relief.