JOHNNY: So many people stare at me every single day, every time I am in public, and that used to really get to me. Life after my accident was so much worse than even the physical burns that I had been through. Now I try to look at everything with… Continue Reading My Body With 95% Burns | TRULY

“I have several tall Leyland Cypress that are turning brown “from the inside out, as in the insides “of all their branches are turning brown and dropping, “but the outside leaves are fine so far. “Can I save my Leyland Cypress, or should I just “cut them down and start… Continue Reading Q&A – Some needles on my Leyland Cypress are turning brown

[MUSIC] BILL BASS: You get a good, cold day like this, you don’t– the decay rate is not very rapid. It’s slow. So it’s slowed down on a day like this. If you were here in the summer, it would be going gray guts. I’m the person that founded what’s… Continue Reading The Farm of Rotting Corpses in Tennessee

“Is it okay to use pine needle mulch around tomato plants?” and this is Miss Rebecca, Jackson. – [Carol] Oh. – Your neck of the woods. – My neck of the woods. – Your neck of the woods, so do you want to take this one? – Rebecca, feel free… Continue Reading Q&A – Can I use pine needle mulch on tomatoes?

(mild techno music) – Before this day ends, about 130 people will die from opioid overdoses in the United States. Tennessee is in the top 15 states for drug overdose deaths. I’m Latonya Turner, and for the next hour, we’re going to talk about opioids and drug addiction in our… Continue Reading Opioids | April 18, 2019 | Town Hall | NPT Reports

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– The definition of burnout, would it be overworked, not enough free time, and hating what you used to love? – Yeah, not enjoying what you used to love. – [Ned] We’re takin’ a vacation! And you’re watchin’ a video about it so we didn’t take that much time off.… Continue Reading The Try Guys Take A Mental Health Vacation