Hi folks I’m Bob Schrupp physical therapist. I’m Brad Heineck physical therapist. And together we are the most famous physical therapist on the internet. you know say no more Bob. My wife would actually sit down with you for three hours and talk to you about this but okay today… Continue Reading How “TENS” Can Help Your Pain-Neck, Back, Shld., Knee Pain (Non-Drug Approach)

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-A little more intense. (Ned screams) (Keith joins) -This is gonna be the greatest video you ever watch. (Ned screams more) (Screams dissolve into wailing) -I am going to recreate Ariel’s labor for 14 hours. KEITH: We’re gonna put Ned through the gauntlet. EUGENE: Three of us are basically gonna… Continue Reading The Try Guys Try 14 Hours Of Labor Pain Simulation

Hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo, and today I’m going to show you how to use a TENS unit for pain relief. so let’s get started. So what does TENS stand for you might ask? it’s transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. well what does that mean? well basically transcutaneous means on the… Continue Reading How to Use a TENS Unit for Pain Relief – Ask Doctor Jo