The tension headache Although stress is the most common cause of tension headaches,lack of sleep,alcohol,caffeine withdrawls, and fatigue are also culprits of causing this type of headache

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(Intro music) – Hi, I’m Andrea Butje from Aromahead Institute. In today’s video we’re gonna to make a wonderful oil for reducing muscle pain. So let’s get started. We’re going to use a one ounce glass bottle. This one is a really beautiful cobalt blue. And the base of it… Continue Reading When to Apply Essential Oils: Muscle Pain Relief Blend

Hello, everyone and welcome to Psychetruth it’s Sanela here. Today, I have an awesome flow for you guys. It’s sun salutation it’s for mornings or anytime you feel like you need to just to move the body and create more energy and release the tension throughout your entire body, well… Continue Reading Morning Yoga For Energy Boost & Flexibility, Tension & Pain Relief 20 Minutes Beginner Workout

If you have lower back pain, if you have a herniated disc or a protruded disc or if you have numbness or pain in your hip and in your legs, what we call sciatica, you’re gonna love using the Pain Therapy System because its very effective for treating those conditions.… Continue Reading DR-HO’S Pain Therapy System: Introduction

Hello and welcome! In today’s video we are gonna talk about depression. Everyone feels sad or has the ‘blues’ once in a while but stylecraze will show you simple remedies to cure depression at home. Take 2 kajus and crush them into powder form. Add this kaju to boiling water.… Continue Reading 2 Simple Natural Remedies To TREAT SIGNS OF DEPRESSION

This technique is for pain, usually just above the shoulder blade, and extending up into the neck This muscles is called a levator scapulae, it’s underneath the upper trapezius What I’m going to do is tear one piece I’m going to split that piece tearing down the perforations to the… Continue Reading KT Tape: Neck Shoulder Pain

Dr. Axe:Hey guys, Dr. Josh Axe here along with Jordan Rubin. Welcome to Ancient Medicine Today. We’re so excited for you to be here with us. And, hey, if you’re new to the show, we want to welcome you and let you know we come five days a week. We’re… Continue Reading Headache Remedies: Top 11 Tips for Headache Relief

So you want to know how to instantly get rid of a migraine? Great state tuned, but first a disclaimer. Welcome back guys I’m Michael I’m a massage therapists in Team Beachbody Coach. So we’re going to talk about migraines and a trick that I use in order to instantly… Continue Reading How to instantly stop a Migraine!

Headache Relief Music. Soothing music for migraine headaches, nausea & upset stomach – Relaxing.