hello my friends welcome to my channel I hope you’re all doing fine I’m miss Kholoud and today I have an easy lesson but it’s very important it’s about pain the different kinds of pain and the most common illness or sickness before I start I want to remind you… Continue Reading pain & sickness vocabulary

There’s a lot of water on our planet. And it goes by a lot of different names. Gulfs and arroyos and fjords are all bodies of water. But each one represents something unique. So let’s try to understand them. Let’s start big. The ocean is the large saltwater body that… Continue Reading What the names for bodies of water mean

In terms of auricular acupuncture, which is also known as ear acupuncture, that can be used for quite a few different types of conditions, most namely smoking sensation. The NADA protocol that’s utilized for acupuncture can help someone in terms of helping with the jitters, the cravings that they get,… Continue Reading What Is Auricular Acupuncture? (ear acupuncture)