There’s something that a lot of people that practice intermittent fasting talk about. And that’s autophagy. Now I’m going to explain what autophagy is in just a second. But the purpose of this video is to teach you that due to the fact that your body produces ketones during a… Continue Reading Fasting & Autophagy (the body’s way of cleansing cells)

Hi! I’m Cori from Koori Style And today I’ve a new video for you. This time I’ll try a kit I got as a B-day present from my dear friend Ivet ♥ She sent me this Daiso kit to make a cute Kitty with the “needle felting” technique (sorry for… Continue Reading 【Daiso Kit: Neko】 1st Time Needle Felting ^.^/♥ (Eng/Esp)

Hello, welcome to my channel today. It is always a pleasure to welcome you to my kitchen like every week. Today’s recipe is bread rolls that my kids love 4 cups all-purpose flour, 100 g sugar, 1 cup 3.25% milk, 2 eggs, 200 g soft butter, a pinch of salt,… Continue Reading HOW TO MAKE ROUND CAKE BREAD/COMMENT FAIRE LE PAIN GÂTEAU ROND(épi 238)

This is going to be the Neer test for shoulder impingement Hi everyone! The Neer test is another very common test used in the assessment of shoulder impingement. According to a big study by Hedgedus et. al from year 2012 its sensitivity is 72% and specificity rated at 60% To… Continue Reading Neer Test | Subacromial Pain Syndrome

In this video, we’re going to show you the Cluster of Laslett for SI-joint pain provocation. Hi and welcome back to Physio Tutors. The Cluster of Laslett is a tool used in the assessment of low back pain. One of your assessment hypothesis might be that the pain is originating… Continue Reading Cluster of Laslett | Sacroiliac Joint Pain Provocation

Hey guys its Wengie welcome back. And it’s my favourite time of the week! Unicorn bun hug! So I wanted to see how our body parts and things like that affected our personality. Of course, not of all of this is true. But I love these kinds of things! And… Continue Reading What Your Body Reveals About Your Personality!! 7 Interesting Things To Watch For Summer

oh hey yeah you’re just in time I was about to test this we just got to New Mexico and we’ve been in the car for a really long time and it’s been a couple days since I’ve showered and I feel kind of gross there’s thinking about using this… Continue Reading Review: DUDE Quick Shower Body Wipes – Do They REALLY Do The Job?

I don’t want to say I’m nervous, but it definitely looks as though some unlicensed medicine is about to be practiced. Well guess what’s happening. What is happening? Unlicensed medicine. Haha! [ modulated voice ] The modern rogue experiences the ganzfeld effect. We are going to hack our brains. Do… Continue Reading Creating REAL HALLUCINATIONS Without Drugs