You can take the chance that they read Congressional Quarterly or whatever publication President is not above the law Anybody have a new dishwasher? I’m sorry for that. He will be held accountable We won’t talk about toilets. The California banana slug can travel at 240 feet per hour amazingly… Continue Reading Pens, Parnas and pain of imprisonment: Congressional Hits and Misses

When I talk to patients about hair restoration, hair transplantation, follicular unit restoration, they have a few questions that like answered. They want to know will that hurt, how long will I be off work and those kind of things. So the general procedure is this, you come in, we… Continue Reading Follicular Hair Restoration: Pain and Recovery Time

You know what? I actually think its sad, that Youtube doesn’t let me play music in the background while talking to you guys. It’s actually annoying because I the truth is That I never get ready without music Before I started talking to you I was listening to a song… Continue Reading Full Body Workout | Nawyki żywieniowe *udaje dorosłą

There’s something that a lot of people that practice intermittent fasting talk about. And that’s autophagy. Now I’m going to explain what autophagy is in just a second. But the purpose of this video is to teach you that due to the fact that your body produces ketones during a… Continue Reading Fasting & Autophagy (the body’s way of cleansing cells)

Richard Bevan-Thomas MD: Let’s take a moment to talk about radiation therapy for prostate cancer. How does radiation work? Well, we talked about surgery which is the removal of the prostate and radiation destroys the prostate, how does it destroy it. It sends specific type of radiation directly into the… Continue Reading What is Radiation Treatment for Prostate Cancer?

Under the knife I surrendered The inocence yours to consume You cut it away And you fill me up with hate Into the silence you sent me Into the fire consumed You thought I´d forget But it´s always in my head You´re the pulse in my veins You´re the war… Continue Reading Starset – Monster (Official Music Video)

– I think it’s really important to enjoy life and if you can have a slice of that big pizza once a week and that’s gonna make you so happy. So I’m more all about the 80% healthy zone, 20% indulge. (intriguing music) When somebody comes into my office and… Continue Reading Gwyneth Paltrow’s Go-to Osteopath Reveals How You Can Be Your Own Pain Investigator

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– [Voiceover] Hello, this is Jeff Luzel, I’ve already provided some lectures on psychopathology covering chapters 14 in your textbook. Today I’m going to be covering chapter 15, which deals specifically with the treatment of psychological disorders. Let’s start by asking the question, “Who seeks treatment?” And I want to… Continue Reading Treatment Lecture

Namaste and welcome! This is Dr. Sashina and you are watching Doctor Sashina TV thank you so much for joining me on this fine beautiful day here in Florida if you’re watching this from anywhere else in the world I really want to know where you are watching this video… Continue Reading Improve your digestion Now | Rules of Ayurveda for Eating | Learn Ayurvedic Medicine | Dr. Sashina