– Coming up on this edition of “The American Veteran”… see how a partnership between VA and the Department of Defense helped this wounded Marine set a course for recovery. We’ll visit a group that’s working hard to end homelessness among veterans in Roanoke, Virginia. Meet two veterans who are… Continue Reading The American Veteran-# 1003

  – In its ongoing quest to provide patients   with evidence-based, patient-centered care,   VA has enhanced its use of integrative therapies   like yoga, meditation, and even acupuncture.   Today about 9 out of 10 VA medical centers   offer this modality of treatment.   Veterans taking part… Continue Reading “Acupuncture”

  Passing to the left…   NARRATOR: Before you can fully appreciate   what women have achieved in today’s Coast Guard,   it helps to look back on the role women have played   in the history of our nation’s coastal defense.   MAN: The U.S. Coast Guard is the… Continue Reading “Women In The Coast Guard”