(intense music) (indistinct chatter) (intense music) – [Colin] So good man. Every time I try to explain to someone, what we were doing there, they can’t believe that we did it. So, why exactly did we go there? Like this facility? – [Jonah] So last year, when I was in… Continue Reading Panchakarma Treatment – My Ayurvedic Cleanse Experience (Feat. JONAH KEST)

Hey there this is Harlan! I’m the creator here behind this channel. I’m usually behind the camera but today I’m coming out in front of lens to tell you a bit about a personal story about myself. I’m actually going to be going into surgery tomorrow and I just wanted… Continue Reading Why I Chose MVD Surgery for Hemifacial Spasm – Hemifacial Spasm Symptoms and Botox Treatment

Homeopathic Remedies for Dogs – Cure Your Dog the Safe & Natural Way Are Homeopathic Remedies Safe for My Dog? Yes!. Homeopathic remedies for dogs are given in very diluted forms. They do not contain any chemicals or added colors in them. All of our Herbal Remedies are FDA approved.… Continue Reading Homeopathic Remedies for Dogs — Cure Your Dog the Safe & Natural Way

Cushing syndrome, named after the famous neurosurgeon, Harvey Cushing who first described it, is an endocrine disorder with elevated cortisol levels in the blood. In some cases, Cushing syndrome results from a pituitary adenoma making excess ACTH, and in those situations it’s called Cushing disease. Normally, the hypothalamus, which is… Continue Reading Cushing Syndrome – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology

With hyperphosphatemia, hyper- means over, -phosphat- refers to phosphate, and -emia refers to the blood, so hyperphosphatemia means having a high phosphate level in the blood, typically above 4.5 mg/dL. Now, phosphate is made up of one central phosphorus atom surrounded by four oxygen atoms in a tetrahedral arrangement, kind… Continue Reading Hyperphosphatemia – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology

In this video I will share peripheral neuropathy natural treatment in legs and feet proven homeopathic remedies Please like comment share and subscribe my channel Neuropathy is the catch-all term referring to nerve damage and pain with a number of different causes Some types of nerve pain can improve with… Continue Reading Peripheral Neuropathy Natural Treatment in Legs and Feet Proven Homeopathic Remedies

(instrumental guitar music) – [Dr. Jenn] Is being told what to do something that bothers you in all areas of your life? – Is this happening now? – When you are in a room with me, therapy is always happening. – Damn. (“Try Guys Theme”) – [Zach] Today we’re doing… Continue Reading The Try Guys Try Therapy

What I also came to understand is that trauma and collective trauma is strongly connected to epidemic diseases. And, like we’ve discussed before regarding Miasms in Labour, as far as I understand, miasms and epidemic diseases are also connected to the individuation process, but then not so much on the… Continue Reading Homeopathy and Collective Trauma: Harry van der Zee Interview (3/3)

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– In the early stages of Heart Failure the patient might not even have symptoms. And they might only have risk factors for Heart Failure. This means that they probably have some kind of pre-existing condition that might, if you leave it unchecked, will lead to Heart Failure in the… Continue Reading Heart failure treatment – Early stages | Circulatory System and Disease | NCLEX-RN | Khan Academy