– So, we’re here for the second time, the first stem cell treatment showed great results, we were just blown away and after the initial treatment with stem cells Kalel has shown that he is going up stairs faster. He went through a good few weeks where he wasn’t falling,… Continue Reading UPDATE: Amazing Results from Kalel’s First Stem Cell Treatment for Muscular Dystrophy

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[A lot of times doctors, chiropractors, will prescribe orthotics. That’s to give you that arch without having to activate your feet?] Yes. [To relieve some of the pain?] Yes. And, um, I have very strong opinions about that, so, I will share them with you if that’s OK. Um. I’m… Continue Reading Can chiropractors or orthotics stop back pain? Sara Hauber explains.

This video has three levels of the WB press. Level 1 is tall sitting. Maintain a neutral spine for the entire movement. Level 2 is tall kneeling. Make sure you are breathing diaphragmatically. And finally level 3, single leg kneeling. It’s key that you perform the exercise with controlled movement.… Continue Reading Low Back Pain and SI Joint Pain | Core Exercises | WB Press

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