hi dr. G here thanks for watching this short video so today we’re talking about acupressure and how it can be the answer if you’re suffering from a lot of muscular pain in the neck upper back and lower back area and what we’re going to show you later on… Continue Reading Pranamat Review: Acupressure Mat Benefits and Review for Neck, Upper Back, Low Back Pain, and Feet

The therapeutic effects that music therapy and acupuncture have often been used to promote mental and emotional health; nevertheless, they are now being seriously studied to see how they may also improve physical health conditions. Each one on their own are potent aids, yet in this study of which I´m… Continue Reading Benefits of Music therapy and Acupuncture in Cerebral Palsy

Hello, I’m Mami Tsang, the owner of chi yu wellness centre and complementary therapy practitioner. In this video, I’m going to introduce Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture. Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture uses fine sterilised needles, which are inserted into acupuncture points which are located on the face, ear and the body to rejuvenate… Continue Reading Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture by Chi Yu Wellness Centre

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hi everyone, Namaste! head massages not just help relieve the pain and stress after a tiring day but also promote hair growth did you know that ancient Indian Ayurveda talks about pressure points spread across your head and neck these pressure points are called as marma points in Sanskrit language… Continue Reading Ayurvedic Indian Pressure Point Head Massage For Extreme Hair Growth & Relaxation|Sushmita’s Diaries

Hey guys! In a few seconds you are going to see a video about atemi and the use of pressure points in aikido. I demonstrate it in a kata of formalized fashion. No claims are implied like “Aikido is the best martial art” or “all this will work easily on… Continue Reading Aikido Atemi (当身) and Pressure Points – Striking Techniques and Kyusho – Gyakuhanmi Katatedori

Hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo, and today i’m gonna show you some stretches and exercises for peripheral neuropathy. Let’s get started. So basically peripheral neuropathy is when your hands and your feet start feeling numb, tingly, it almost feels like they’re falling asleep. And the reason for that is because… Continue Reading Peripheral Neuropathy Relief in the Feet & Legs – Ask Doctor Jo

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Busy professionals with gout, don’t have time to participate in our full gout reversing programs For them, we started in 2016 a short, intense, 4-day program In these 4 days, we cannot cure gout Gout is NOT an easy reversible condition, it takes much longer So, the aim of the… Continue Reading 6 Month Follow Up, gout reversing short program