…episodes, and I am trying to get video of them for the doctors, and I feel one coming on. So, here I’m going to start. I get these … spells and I shake. It starts from my abdomen and then it goes out to other parts of my body after… Continue Reading PNES, NES, Pseudoseizures, HYPP, Hemiplegic Migraine

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim for this tutorial, I will provide an alternative method for fabricating handles using ring handles where later the ring can be round or square in shape like this this is 4 cm long so you just have to attach it to the top like this then sew manually whereas… Continue Reading Crochet || Cara membuat Handle panjang dan pendek

This cinnamon raisin Danish pastry is one of my all-time favorite.They are tender, they are flaky with a little crispiness and with an amazing buttery smell Danish pastries are simple to make if you can make a milk bread then it will be so simple for you to make a… Continue Reading Cinnamon Rolls/Raisin Rolls/Cinnamon RaisinRolls/ Danish Pastry/ Danish swirls/Pain Aux Raisins

Welcome back to The Crochet Crowd as well as my friends over yarnspirations.com. I’m your host Mikey. Today we are going to work on either snowflake one or two depending on the video. So what we have here is one pattern has two beautiful snowflakes here. You can stiffen those… Continue Reading Crochet Patons Snowflake: Version 2

I was working with somebody the other day and they wanted to send data from their excel sheet in in the body of their outlook mate email and then he said said this request can we copy the cells with the lines of border tables not just the pure text… Continue Reading Send Excel data in outlook body with borders

measure the length of the blouse / shirt then measure the doll’s neck to make a pattern and the measurement for the neck this should be enough for you to determine the size of the blouse I have include the measurements in centimeter on the paper cut the pattern out… Continue Reading CUTE DOLL CLOTHES | HOW TO MAKE CLOTHES FOR DOLLS ( FREE PATTERN)

Hi, I’m Dr. Bill Lewis with Tulsa Integrated Health and in our second video in our headache series we’re going to talk about some common muscular pressure points that are the cause of three different types of headaches that people typically suffer with. The first are stress headaches or tension… Continue Reading Tulsa Headache Specialist Shares Migraine/Headache Relief Tip #2

Hello Today in Oum Walid Kitchen We’ll make stuffed cheese bread cooked in frying pan Indian recipe We need 3 cup flour (cup capacity 240 ml) 3 tablespoons oil 1 teaspoon baking yeast 1 teaspoon of sugar Salt and warm water Mix flour, yeast and sugar Mix flour, yeast and… Continue Reading مطبخ ام وليد خبز محشي بالجبن / Pain fourré au fromage / Bread stuffed with cheese

Another treatment in modality, its called a Cupping. So this is the cup we use to release pain or to release internal heat to reduce inflammation. It could be made of glass, which is the traditional cupping or it could be made of plastic. And when we apply the heat… Continue Reading Acupuncture Health Tips : Acupuncture Cupping Tips

acupuncture helps with fertility in a number of ways it depends upon whether fertility problems is if the menstrual cycle is normal then we have to look at different obstructions that might keep the egg and sperm from either getting together or implanting if the period is not normal then… Continue Reading Fertility Acupuncturist New York NY | Infertility Acupuncture NYC | 212-696-4426