Are you alright there Ray? It’s just the pain It’s taking my breath at the moment so I can’t breathe properly The pain I’ve got is where the coccyx is Bend your knees Does that make it better? Both knees Yes it does It’s quite surprising to me that a… Continue Reading Pain and Parkinson’s

Kay: By the time I was high school, 10th grade, they were bad enough that I was going to the doctor and taking prescription meds or either missing school. We tried, I think, 67 different medication protocols, and we did Botox. We did trigger point injections. We did surgical nerve… Continue Reading Kay; Nerve Stimulator Migraine Treatment Restores Her Life It is DISGUSTING and nothing short of a Scandal: Tens of millions of victims are needlessly TORMENTED by the agony, misery and assault of regular relentless migraine attacks. Misinformed, they are the vulnerable targets of GREEDY pharmaceutical companies. SMUG white-coated authorities are brainwashing and deceiving them into believing that… Continue Reading 1 The Disgusting Migraine Scandal

There’s a lot in the area of alternative medicine in cancer therapy. Although we are not oncologists here at Agenixs, what we are is alternative medicine doctors that help optimize your health, your nutrition and also provide support through IV high-dose vitamin C therapy. Now, high-dose vitamin therapy has been… Continue Reading Alternative Medicine for Cancer Treatment – IV High Dose Vitamin C Therapy

You have to do it for yourself. You have to do it for your family. You have to do it. And now that my migraine can be fixed. You got your life back because migraines can take it away. It’s just amazing that a little stimulation could take away that… Continue Reading RMC Webinar; Reed Procedure for Migraine Treatment; (Full; 70m)

My name is Michael Parker. I’ve had migraines for about five years. We didn’t know how it started. Just one day I came with migraine and it never went away. The only relief I was getting was sleeping, so I was sleeping quite often. When I had seizures the migraines… Continue Reading Michael; Peripheral Nerve Stimulator Migraine Treatment Allows Return to Full Activities

Kaia is a therapy app that guides you to relieve back pain anytime anywhere using only your smartphone. Start by creating a personalized exercise program that is tailored to your condition and physical abilities. The program adjusts continuously as your mobility and well-being improves. Even during a stressful day at… Continue Reading Kaia – Don’t let back pain get in the way of your life

I don’t really remember when they started. I had headaches periodically all the time. Then, one day ,I just was like I don’t remember not having a headache. I’ve had headaches every hour of every day for at least eight or nine years and migraines two or three times a… Continue Reading Austin; Occipital Nerve Stimulator Migraine Treatment Restores Student Athlete to Gymastics

– Hi guys, I’m Spencer Pratt. You know me from winning Snapchatter of the Year. Or maybe you remember me from The Hills. And you probably hated me. I hated myself also. It was horrible, I became a monster. So I set out on a new journey to find love,… Continue Reading Spencer Pratt & Sarah McDaniel Get Transformed By An IRL Witch | Spencer Pratt Will Heal You 🔮| MTV

Andrew: My migraines started March of 2009 from a faulty spinal tap and right from there my migraine never went away. I’ve gotten many treatments, a lot of medications and I’ve seen countless doctors and I just can’t get any relief. My mom and I went to Dr. Reed and… Continue Reading Top Docs DFW; Andrew; I returned to Baseball After Reed Procedure Migraine Treatment