Alternative Natural Herbal Cures. Herbs today are being increasing used to treat all kinds of disorders. From mild cases like common cold to serious diseases like cancer, there is an ever growing need for genuine and well tested information regarding herbal cures. The information, in a rudimentary way, has already… Continue Reading Alternative Natural Herbal Cures – Why do Herbs today are being increasing used to treat disorders?

Here are the notation symbols used for knit, tuck and miss loop. there is a looping diagram shown in the left side from this we will find the notation let’s start from the first course here at first it is knit knit knit and knit. Because in first course all… Continue Reading Needle arrangement, Cam arrangement & Notation of Knitted Single Jersey Fabric ||School Of Textiles

{Tic toc, tic toc, tic toc} Is anybody out there? {Tic toc, tic toc} {Is anybody out there?} I’ve had a migraine now for 3 days {Is anybody in there?} {3 Fucking days} I can barely move {3 Fucking days} Or else the pain {the pain} I feel it gnawing… Continue Reading Pain in my Head; a chronic migraine

Sea bands can also be used for morning sickness. Sea bands for morning sickness are a wrist band that you can buy which is over the counter. They have very good directions on the box where to put the actual pressure point of the band which is acupressure point P6… Continue Reading Sea Bands for Morning Sickness

hi viewers welcome to our channel today we are along with doctor Dr K Raghavendra Vinn Hospitals Urologist and at the same time is a specialist in US andrology good morning all of you thank you very much for this nice program let me answer things related to a neurology… Continue Reading Male Infertility | Azoospermia | Advanced Treatments For Azoospermia – Dr Raghavendra #Urologist

Hi friends, welcome to my channel I am a homeopathic doctor and today’s topic is THUJA (homeopathic medicine) today I will tell you tell you what are the uses of THUJA medicine and how it works. It is a polycrust medicine because of which it works on most of your… Continue Reading Thuja Homeopathic Medicine Dose,Uses (For Warts) in Hindi – Thuja Occidentalis

Hello friends,welcome to my channel,I am doctor Ritu Jain. I am a homepathic consultant. and today I will tell you about ECZEMA. and the homeopathic treatment for ECZEMA. So I will talk about homeopathic treatment for ECZEMA What is ECZEMA What are the causes and along with that homeopathic treatments.So… Continue Reading एक्जिमा का इलाज – Homeopathic Medicine & Treatment For Eczema in Hindi, How to cure eczema fast?

Yes. In 1987 I started work in Saudi Arabia. In the beginning, when I arrived in Saudi Arabia, nobody used oriental medicine, acupuncture treatment, and chiropractics and some herbal medicine. This was my job. At that time, the Saudi government needed a lot of workers: engineers, electronic technicians, and even… Continue Reading Is Mt Sinai in Saudi? Dr Kim’s Amazing Testimony – Road to Sinai – Part II