This video is supported in part by Skillshare. [Intro music] Hello and welcome back to my channel! My name’s Annika, and today I’m going to be reviewing something that a lot of you have asked me to review… this so called magic embroidery pen. Now it has been touted as… Continue Reading Trying the “MAGIC EMBROIDERY PEN” – does it work? | Embroidery Pen Review

Your Stitchbox presents: What is a Neeleminder? Hello! I am Andrea from In this video I’ll show you: What is a needleminder… …where to get a needleminder… …and how to DIY a needleminder 😄 A needleminder is a great accessoire for your stitching projects. But beware: No one ever… Continue Reading Needle minder – DIY

Hello, and welcome to The Stitching Kitchn. Welcome back to The Stitching Kitchn. Today … I am going to show you how to use a needle threader. A lot of people like to take their needle, they like to stick the thread in their mouth, but we don’t want to… Continue Reading EP-0003 – How to use a Needle Threader – cross-stitch needlepoint x-stitch needle flosstube

Welcome to Nifty Notions from SewVeryEasy, my name is Laura. Today let’s make our own nifty notion and make a storage container for all those packages of sewing machine needles The first thing we’re going to need is a box. You can use a recipe box or a little a… Continue Reading Make Your Own Storage Box for Sewing Machine Needles

Speaker 1: The Bernina needle threader is wonderful once you learn how to use it. First off, I usually like to lower down the presser foot. That puts a little resistance on this thread. You make sure you have the presser foot up when you’re threading the machine, then that… Continue Reading Bernina 215 02 Needle Threader

Alright, next let’s work on Thread the Needle for this it’s helpful to have your fabrics split as you’re climbing. and height does not matter. You’re going to come to the middle and go into your inverted splits what I’m going to do is my back leg I’m going to… Continue Reading Thread the Needle

Hello and welcome to our EM-1010 How-To Series: Needle and Thread Breaks. In this 3-part series, we will be discussing needle breaks, thread breaks and using float mode. Let’s begin with Needle Breaks. Needles sometimes break when they wear out from embroidering on tough materials. Caps, for example, are made… Continue Reading EM-1010 How-To: Needle and Thread Breaks- Needle Break

Was good If you can watch me I know what I’m gonna say did she do another back but another video I’m song. I’ve been gone So long, it’s Vera, huh. I want to give him right into the video because I don’t hold you guys up this video is… Continue Reading How To Change A Needle On A Brother Sewing Machine:

Hi! Lori! Maker High and today we’re going to talk about Tips and Tricks for hand sewing. First, we’re going to talk about choosing the needles. Now, I tend to go with Dritz. They are my preferred brand. They are very solid. They are very sturdy, and they are really… Continue Reading Hand Sewing Tips and Tricks for Newbies – Needles Thread and Beeswax