One minute migraine tips Number three – Keep a diary Dear diary, I really fancy this boy but… No, not like that Keep a record of when your migraines happen, like this. This is my migraine diary from May. The red crosses are the days I have a migraine and… Continue Reading 1 Minute Migraine tips – 3. Keep a diary

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Hi this is Megan with and shouldn’t houdini’s Henriettas Gum Arabic Beading Glue to make a self thread needle, a self needle, a third needle, a glue needle. They call it a lot of things. Basically what it means is that you are hardening the end of your thread… Continue Reading How to Use Gum Arabic Beading Glue to Create a Self Needle

One minute migraine tips: Number 4 – Don’t overdo it – even after the migraine. I went for a run once the day after a three day migraine ‘Such an idiot!’ It had been really hot outside and I was super annoyed that I’d missed the whole weekend because I’d… Continue Reading 1 Minute Migraine Tips – 4. Don’t overdo it

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Hey vape fans, it’s Preston again, and I’m bringing you a Mt Baker Vapor quick tip. This is going to be about Blunt Needle Tips. So, we get a lot of questions on how to install a blunt needle tip onto one of our bottles. Simply unscrew the childproof cap,… Continue Reading Vape Quick Tip #1: Blunt Needle Tip for E-Liquid Bottle