(audience clapping) – It’s said that a little caffeine may help ease a headache, but Drew, I’m sad. (Drew laughs) Dr. Nita, I’m sad. – Why? – Because did you know your coffee intake may actually increase your risk of migraines? (audience gasps) (fake crying) (audience laughing) – You do… Continue Reading Migraines Caused by Too Much Coffee?

– [Travis] I am incredibly troubled by this story, mainly because I am not a big believer in at-home, it’s like you’re in the lab mixing and matching and adding water. – [Andrew] No and you could- to your insulin and that to me is where the school has an… Continue Reading School Won’t Let Diabetic Child Inject Insulin?

This video is sponsored by Pins + Needles Kits. Hi everyone! I’m Whitney and I post a new sewing tutorial here on my youTube channel every Wednesday. Today I have a fun video showing off the Pins and Needles box. It is a subscription service where you get every single… Continue Reading Tips for Using Sewing Kits and Patterns | PINS + NEEDLES KIT GIVEAWAY {CLOSED} | Whitney Sews

1 Minute Migraine Tips – Be Prepared I wasn’t very organised when my migraines first started getting really bad and I would quite often run out of food and then would be too ill to go to the supermarket or even to leave my house. I would have to resort… Continue Reading 1 Minute Migraine Tips – 6. Be Prepared

One minute migraine tips: Number 2 – Research and the right doctor I had no clue that my really bad headaches that lasted for two or three days and made me feel really sick were migraines. Also, as I said in my first video, I just tried to ignore them.… Continue Reading 1 Minute Migraine tips – 2. Research & the right Doctor

Apparently, a spoonful of sugar does help the medicine go down for all ages, especially if a needle is involved. Having that little bit of sugar can actually help boost the endorphins and putting a little bit of sugar water in a baby’s mouth prior to a vaccination can actually… Continue Reading How to manage your fear of needles

Today on Zero MD, we learn more about the fifth vital sign. Hello my name is Dr. Zero Mella and I am a Rural Health Physician here in the Philippines. I’m currently at home and I haven’t reported for work in days because today is actually day 5 post-op. Last… Continue Reading Verbal Grading of Pain | Tips

Welcome to so very easy, my name is Laura, and sewing machine needles have been around since, well, sewing machines have been around. Let’s face it. How much can change with the sewing machine needle? Well, Schmetz Needles 𝘩𝘢𝘴 changed the sewing machine needle. Schmetz has chrome-plated the needle. Now… Continue Reading New Chrome Plated Houshold Sewing Needles

Hello friends, Welcome to our channel nutshell school Today, we are going to talk about that How To Treat Pain in Eyes – Natural Ways Do you have pain in your eyes? Well, the problem is common after a long day’s work staring at a computer or working outside in… Continue Reading How To Treat Pain in Eyes, Natural Ways – Nutshell School