In this clip we’re going to apply the salt glow treatment and remember we are using dead sea salt, so you always want to do a verbal consultation with your client first. I’ve already performed my verbal consultation with Lizzy, but I’ll say it again, for you guys. ” Are… Continue Reading How to Give a Salt Glow Skin Treatment : Applying a Salt Glow Treatment

I wanted to spend some time today to give you a description of what a pinched nerve looks like. So that you can visualize it in your mind in case your doctor has done some tests and told you that you have a pinched nerve. This is a representation of… Continue Reading Holistic Back Pain Therapy : What Is a Pinched Nerve?

Hello My name is Freddy and this is Billy and we are both Chinese herbalists based in New York City China Town and our address is 217 Center Street and out phone number is 212-274-8226. So we are talking about Chinese herbs in particular this herb called Ying-Young Ko. Its… Continue Reading All About Chinese Herbal Medicine : Horny Goat Weed & Chinese Herbal Medicine

I’ll stay, yeah, I’ll stay ’til the night’s run out Hold me, just hold me ’til the lights fade out We could be something, I know that is true, baby The way that we move, I was made just for you, baby, oh One touch and we’re rocking body to… Continue Reading Mike Perry – Body To Body (ft. Imani Williams)

Hi. One of the things we do in Chinese herbalism is a little bit different from what people are always familiar with with herbalism. A number of people are familiar with taking echinacea for colds, where we use a single herb for a particular Western disease. In Chinese medicine, though,… Continue Reading Herbal Therapy in Traditional Chinese Medicine : What Is Herbalism?

Hello how to make bread with barley flour ? 250g of barley flour 100g of very fine semolina 60ml of olive oil Warm water about 250ml salt DRY YEAST 10g sugar optional Warm water semolina 5min 250g of barley flour salt Cumin seeds or your choice olive oil 20min Fine… Continue Reading Recette Pain à la Farine d’orge moelleux

Another technique for opening for opening the shoulders, this is called threading the needle. The best way to do this is to face side ways on your mat and slowly go forward. You want to go about half way down. When you take the outside hand and thread it though… Continue Reading Yoga Warm Up Exercises : Yoga Threading the Needle Stretch

I want to talk about another interesting herb that’s commonly known to a lot of people and often times misused. And that’s Ren Chen or what we more commonly known as ginseng. There is actually two main types of ginseng. There’s Chinese ginseng, which this is, and also American ginseng.… Continue Reading Herbs in Chinese Medicine : Herbs in Chinese Medicine: Ginseng

Got a bouncy needle on your electric tach? Check your grounds first and verify that the signal wire isn’t running too close to any other high current wires. If that doesn’t work, we can oftentimes smooth it out by adding a 10K, 1/2 watt resistor to the tach signal wire.… Continue Reading How To Fix A Bouncing Tach Needle Autometer Troubleshooting Resistor Tutorial Instructions Fix