Down the centuries biologists have wondered why every face has this particular feature. It’s this bit here – the groove underneath your nose. It’s called the Philtrum. I’ve got quite a prominent one, his is less prominent, but we’ve all got one. What we now know is it is the… Continue Reading Face Development in the Womb – Inside the Human Body: Creation – BBC One

In 1962, a cave explorer named Michel Siffre started a series of experiments where he isolated himself underground for months without light or clocks. He attached himself to electrodes that monitored his vital signs and kept track of when he slept and ate. When Siffre finally emerged, the results of… Continue Reading How does your body know what time it is? – Marco A. Sotomayor

Life is fundamentally different from dead stuff—or is it? Physicist Erwin Schrödinger defined life this way: Living things avoid decay into disorder and equilibrium. What does this mean? Let’s pretend that your download folder is the universe. It started orderly and got more and more chaotic over time. By investing… Continue Reading What Is Life? Is Death Real?