My daughter, Cherry, she saw somebody with dwarfism who was powerlifting, and she said to me, “Do you think you could do that, Daddy?” What motivates me to keep going during the tougher workouts is the fact that I really want to be able to make my daughter, Cherry, proud… Continue Reading The Dad With Dwarfism Who Can Lift Twice His Body Weight | Living Differently

meanwhile South Korea’s chief negotiator for discussions with Japan at the World Trade Organization says Seoul is mulling the possibility of pushing for the establishment of a panel at the WTO’s dispute settlement body if the two sides failed to find common ground on Tokyo’s exports curbs speaking to South… Continue Reading S. Korea’s negotiator says he could utilize WTO Appellate Body if Seoul, Tokyo fail to …

now ahead of the second round of talks between South Korea and Japan at the WTO regarding a dispute over Tokyo’s trade restrictions on South Korea Seoul’s top negotiator says he could consider pushing for the next step of the dispute settlement process if these talks don’t go well kim… Continue Reading S. Korea’s negotiator says he could utilize WTO Appellate Body if Seoul, Tokyo fail…

M: Hi ducky. S: Good morning, my love. M: So guys M: Had a real rough night last night. Did not sleep well at all. Just had a lot of body pain and… I told Simon today that I really want to make this video because I keep telling you… Continue Reading How I Deal with Chronic Pain

Today we are planning on filming something, but today is also a day in which Martina’s pain is a little bit unmanageable So I think now it’s a good opportunity for me to film something on my own I’ve received a bunch of emails from people who are spouses of… Continue Reading As a Spouse of Someone in Chronic Pain

Hi, this is Joe from Vice. I’m going to get some needles stuck in my face. – Hello. – Hi there. You’re going to feel a heavy sensation. Don’t be surprised. Let me know if it’s too painful. Okay, here we go. – How is it? – It feels strange.… Continue Reading 人面に鍼100本! – Facial Acupuncture

In Japanese culture there’s a huge emphasis on mastery You see it in the way people prepare food You see it in the way people do martial arts And you see it in the world of acupuncture Well, I’m back in Japan And I’m back in Asakusa, the temple It’s… Continue Reading Toyohari in Japan – Training with the Blind Acupuncturists